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Originally Posted by tau View Post
The Forbidden Garden

Gemini Spark

As you spin to face the advancing presence, you find yourself face to face with absolutely nothing. At least, nothing that hadn't been there originally. You're getting too jumpy, you think- apparently that encounter with the zombies had left some kind of emotional toll on your psyche.

As you stare, trying to collect your thoughts, the shadow in the bottom of your field of vision changes. You don't know how to describe it, except that it was a sort of pulse or subtle shift in tone. You step nearer, trying to figure out what had changed to cause the impression of the pulse, when you notice that it's grown noticeably darker, now completely obscuring any view of the ground beneath it.

Before you get a chance to explore the phenomenon any further, you feel something similar to a tremendous gust of wind pushing you towards the shadow itself. You stumble forward slightly, but manage to catch yourself, reaching out to grab hold of the chimney stack with one arm, bracing yourself.

This proves to only be a delaying tactic, however, as the strange ethereal wind picks up in intensity, threatening to knock you to the ground.

You look for something more sturdy to brace with, or some way to escape, beginning to wonder why all this supernatural crap has to happen to you.

Escape, or go face to face with the shadow.

What will you do?
Spinning around, Hyrem stared down... nothing. Whatever was there was likely long gone. Man, I must be getting paranoid, he thought. That zombie attack really had a lasting effect on him; he made a note to himself to pay Phantom Isle back sometime.

He continues to stare, trying to figure out what was going on... did that shadow just move? No, it didn't really move, it just looks... darker. Some sort of... pulse or something. Now this was mysterious. Hyrem takes another step towards the shadow... it gets really dark after that. He then gets conflicting feelings: look into it more, or think about getting away from it?

"Whoa, whoa!" Hyrem suddenly said as he was somehow being pulled towards the shadow. He trips slightly, barely able to hold his footing and get a hand on the chimney stack. The mysterious force only pulls harder in response, and it was getting harder to hold on. Even worse, he couldn't really see anything else to keep him from being pulled in by... whatever it was.

"Why me!?" Hyrem shouted out loud. First zombies, and now this!? At least his adventures in Whale Island made some amount of sense! Anyway, this shadow... thing... didn't look very good, so he needed some way to fight it off. And the best way to fight something off?

"Daphne, let's synch up and battle!" he says as he releases his Nuzleaf from his Pokeball. She appears off to the side and outside of the shadow.

"Leaf!? Nuzleaf!" she calls out to Hyrem in concern.

"Quick, the shadow's your target! Try throwing a Razor Leaf at it!" he urgently shouts to Nuzleaf. Perhaps this phenomenon was Pokemon-based, and an attack against the shadow would either prove or disprove his theory. If it wasn't a Pokemon behind this... well, he wouldn't have a clue what to do then!

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