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Bulbasaur Alex Morgan's Research Papers

In your travels of the land of Fizzy Bubbles, you’ve heard about a trainer who claimed was an expert on non-biological pokemon. Right now, you’ve decided to track him down, either to see if he could prove his claim, to ask him a question that you’ve always wondered, or even just to satisfy your own curiosity. You’ve heard that he was hanging around the library on the Island of Talas so you head there. You arrive at the lobby and ask the librarian behind the main desk if she knew where he was. “Oh, sure,” came the response. “He’ll be up the stairs and to the right. If you can’t find him, he’ll most likely be buried under a mountain of papers.”

You nod your thanks and head up the stairs. Sure enough on the right there was a room containing a desk stacked high with papers and a short, nerdy looking teenager reading some papers. You knock in the doorframe and he snapped his head up. “Huh? You want me for something? What is it?” You introduce yourself and stated the reason why you were there.

He chuckled. “No promises I’ll remember your name. I’m Alex Morgan, nerd extraordinaire.” He pushed his glasses up his nose. “Ah, you’d be looking for my research papers. Sorry for the mess, it’ll be like this until I get a place of my own. Then the mess would move there.” He grinned. “Anyways, I don’t have much written down for public viewing, but you can always come back later.” He waves you over to a bookshelf where there was currently a couple of thin bundles of papers. “Enjoy. If you ever have a topic you want me to research, or even if you have your own research you want to say, just leave me a message. I’ll try to get back to you as soon as I can.”

He went back to his own research while you browse through the material on the shelf.

Studies of Non-Biological Pokémon
-General Information
-The Magnemite Line
-The Bronzor Line
-The Klink Line
-The Beldum Line
-The Porygon Line
-The Voltorb Line
-The Slugma Line

--Phantom Island Adventure
--Isle of Talas Adventure
--Cortoza Adventure
--Lost City of Alph Campaign
--Arcane Realm Adventure


-The Juncture

You also spy a couple empty folders with titles on them and dividers sorting them into subjects.

Other Pokémon Information
-Pokémon Evolution
-Darwinian Evolution

-The Pokéball
-Pokémon Storage System
-The Pokédex


Reader Requests

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