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Originally Posted by tau View Post
The Forbidden Garden

Gemini Spark

You step towards the chimney stack, having carefully weighed out and chosen a plan of action. Well, the only plan that seemed to hold in any merit, given the state of (what you'd assumed would be) the key shrine. As you near the chimney, you begin to notice... something. You try to find the words to it in your mind, but draw a blank.

There's only an odd, insistent perception that gnaws at you, telling you that each step closer to this chimney stack, things were getting changed. You pause, still several yards from the chimney itself, and evaluate your surroundings. The same grass. The same smell of decomposing autumn leaves. You glance skyward, wondering if perhaps the light had changed- indicating nightfall. Maybe that was it. It was rational, after all- this place was vaguely spooky. The subtle shift in lighting might be enough to set off some subconscious panic alarm in the back of your mind.

The sun had already sank behind the cover of overhanging trees to the west, but so far as you could tell, things seemed exactly as they had when you'd first entered the strange clearing. You sigh heavily, kicking at a piece of crumbling masonry near your feet before beginning your walk to the chimney stack.

The small hunk of ancient brickwork splinters at the kick, small bits of it flying off, sending up a cloud of dust. Just as you near the chimney stack itself, however, something catches your eye- a small hint of movement in your periphery. You face it.

A piece of stone brick, perhaps an inch to a side, fell to earth. Slowly. In fact, it was still falling while you tried to register what it was, tumbling in some strange defiance of gravity. You stare at the physics defying anomaly, suddenly uncomfortably aware of the shadows lurking presence behind you.

What will you do?
Each step closer to the chimney told Hyrem that something was... off about this place. He tried to figure out what it might be but it just wasn't coming to him.

"Something's... changing..." he whispered to himself. He looked around, but he only saw... the same blades of grass... the same leaves on the ground... What about the sky? Nightfall now, but... the lighting was... still the same. "This is getting frustrating," he moaned quietly before kicking an old piece of brick to dust. The dust soon forms into a cloud as he continues walking towards the chimney, and-

Movement. Barely noticeable, but he could see a brick falling... slowly... What in the world? And then, before he was allowed to inquire about the physics of this place, he could sense it.

Someone... or something, was behind him.

"Who's there?" he asked, turning around to meet this presence, holding the Premier Ball on his belt, ready to let Leila, his Sneasel, have her first battle, if he needed to.

Please don't be zombies... please don't be zombies... PLEASE don't be zombies... his mind pleads to the mysterious entity. He could feel that instinct coming on, that he was about to find himself in another tough situation. Who was following him? Or was it always here? Hyrem was going to see...

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