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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post

For his victory Phi receives this . He also receives two levels.

Alex clenched his teeth as Phi came in towards the Hoothoot with an aura of ice. "Come on... come on..." The flying type tried to get away from the punch, though was pinned between the psychic type and the crane. The bird was struck by the attack and fell to the ground. "Yes!" he shouted pumping his fist into the air. But he froze as Phi fell to the ground along with it. Alex looked over to the ref who was in conversation with her Gallade. It was a tense moment before she turned to the trainers with her announcement.

"Abra managed to KO Hoothoot before he collapsed from energy loss so I rule that Alex and his Abra are the winners!"

Alex's jaw dropped, then punched the air. "Yeah! We did it!" He rushed up to pick up his victor, who was recovering. "We did it Phi! Awsome job!"


Alex paused and blinked, looking a little stunned. "Phi, was that you?"


He grinned. "You're growing. This is great."


Alex turned to his opponent. "Thanks for the great battle Rob. I'll remember this match for a long time. Luck never chooses sides. You could have just as easily won as I had. I wish you luck on your jouneys." With that, the trainer left with his champion in his arms.

(ooc: Picking up trophy and raising Phi from level 6 to level 8

Thanks for the great battle Itza and thanks for reffing Arc. Hopefully this luck will carry over to the casino >.> <.<)
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