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Originally Posted by tau View Post
The Forbidden Garden

Gemini Spark

You stand, alone now, clutching the diary of a madman. You walk towards the makeshift tent and drop to sit on an overturned log near the entrance, cracking open the journal to a page near the beginning.

You skim more than read, as the first entries are mundane notes on lab experiments and work schedules. However, you pause on one page a bit farther in, recognizing a small doodle in the corner- it was one of the same symbols on the scraps of paper that had led you to this spot.

Your eyes scan down to the text below, and you begin to read of a small group of scientists who had apparently had the same idea as you- gain entrance to the Forbidden Garden. You grin to yourself, the oddity of a frightened man in the woods momentarily forgotten as you read through the notes assembled for you.

Drawing heavily from folklore and local rumor, apparently the researchers had decided to seek one of two locations outside the wall that supposedly had some connection to the keys- one was an ancient structure, a building perhaps used to house one or more of the keys.

The next page is missing, the page containing the location of the other potential hiding spot for the keys. You frown, but realize at least you have one destination- there was a crudely drawn map on the page, leading you around the wall towards a point marked with a simple:


What will you do?
Hyrem starts reading this mysterious journal, and there's all sorts of things like reports on lab experiments, work schedules, other notes... Boring! Let's fast forward a little! Skim, skim, skim- AHA! That doodle was familiar, it was the same drawing Hyrem had found on one of the papers on the ground! The text below it must've been significant, so he decided to take a look at it.

So apparently there was this group of scientists who were also trying to get into the Forbidden Garden. My guess? They weren't successful. Hyrem must've also guessed this because he started grinning, now engrossed in this journal and forgetting all about who it belonged to. Anyway, based off of rumors and folk tales, the scientists figured out two locations to look, one of them being some sort of ruins supposed to have at least one key in it. But was it right, and would the map accompanying it actually take Hyrem to these ruins?

The next page was missing, possibly among the papers Hyrem picked up, but he decided to focus on trying to obtain the first key. He would worry about trying to figure out the other locations later. "All right, let's see if this map gets me somewhere!" he says to himself before standing up and walking in the direction of the place indicated by the map: around the wall, and possibly to the first key... he hoped.

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