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Originally Posted by tau View Post
The Forbidden Garden

Gemini Spark

You press into the forest, making your way towards the mysterious rustling you'd heard. Even if it was nothing- and it had to be something, this whole place was too damn weird for it not to be- it was worth a look, right?

You pass into what seems like a makeshift campsite, complete with a tarp fashioned into a tent and a small fire pit. The fire itself is out, though you notice that there are still embers of red left in the black and gray ash of it's last use. You kneel down to peak into the tent, curious as to what it might contain, when you are bowled over by someone crawling frantically out of the tent!

Running on all fours, the man stumbles just as you manage to avoid a collision with him, rolling to his back. He stares up at you, his eyes wide, his chest heaving. You blink, and begin to ask if he's alright, when he cuts you off-

"D-don't follow him! H-he, he, he came back, but it wasn't him, he was something else! The gate works, b-but not in the way you think!" He pants heavily, almost shouting at you as he crawls away, staring... not at, but... almost through you.

You stand, and take a step forward to help the disturbed man to his feet, but before you can reach him, he's regained his feet and taken off in a dead sprint through the forest. The sounds of him crashing through undergrowth and dead leaves fades, leaving you alone with the abandoned camp...

...and the small journal that had fallen out of the strange mans coat.

What will you do?
It wasn't too long of a walk into this unusual forest when Hyrem spots a campsite. The fire looked like it was put out recently, so the site could've still been occupied. Hyrem was curious and was about to look inside the tent to see if someone was inside... Well, someone was inside, but he suddenly rushed out of the tent and knocked Hyrem down. The young trainer blinked as the man stared up at him. "Hey, sir, are you all ri-" Hyrem started to say.

"D-don't follow him! H-he, he, he came back, but it wasn't him, he was something else! The gate works, b-but not in the way you think!"

Hyrem had no idea what to think. What did he mean? After the trainer sees the man stare at something behind him, not exactly at him, he crawls away, and Hyrem tries to help him, but he gets up and runs away. Hyrem soon notices a journal on the ground which had to belong to the guy, so he quickly picked it up and shouted, "Hey mister, you left-" But he was nowhere in sight. Another clue, perhaps? He opened up the journal to see what was inside.

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