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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

Everybody knows that the best things for a Garden are sun and rain, so moving it closer to the sun and clouds would make a wonderful garden.
So what if we put the garden in the clouds? Imagine the beauty of this place. Actually, don't imagine, come and see for yourself, this picture of natural beauty set into the clear blues skies. Stick around and explore, who knows what surprises and adventures you will encounter.


The Forbidden Garden: A large, unbreakable, inpenetrable door blocks off this area. Even a bunch of Machamp couldn't get this open. There are seven keyholes located on the door, unfortunately the keys that fit them seem to be missing. Nobody knows what lies behind the door, those up for a challenge may like to find out.

So, ready to get started? The only thing left to do is choose an area to let your adventure begin. Enjoy!
Cloud Garden. Some people refer to it as the heavens of the land of Fizzy Bubbles. Others see its mysteries as intriguing. But one mystery stands out above all the others in this area: the unknown behind the colossal gate in the Forbidden Garden. And it is this particular mystery that Hyrem came to investigate. He'd heard all the rumors of this place. One gate, seven keyholes, seven missing keys. And plenty of speculation as to what lay behind the door. It has been rumored to hold treasures of infinite wealth. Perhaps other claims were correct, that there are some extremely rare Pokemon that made their home behind those gates and thought it to be a safe haven for them. Or maybe the idea of a great evil being kept sealed behind the gate wasn't far-fetched.

Whatever it was, Hyrem was determined to do what others likely more experienced than him had failed to do: gather the keys, unlock the gate, and be the first to see what was inside. Well, there he was, at the gate, all by himself. He didn't have any of his Pokemon accompanying him to the gate; he wanted to make sure he would only use them if needed. And they would likely be needed. All of them. And even they might not be enough, he could very likely be in over his head this time. What he needed to concentrate on was finding the seven keys, and he was prepared to search all of Cloud Garden to find them. And it all started here.

Maybe there's some sort of clue around here that says where the keys might be? Hyrem asked in his mind. Maybe it also says what's in here? He wouldn't know until he started looking, so he hoped it wasn't too difficult to even get started here.

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