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Originally Posted by Kairne View Post
Must have been "legitimate rape"

On the philosophical side, let's look at homosexuality from a utilitarian point of view- greatest good for the greatest number of people. So let's do some math! Studies estimate that between 4-10% of the population are homosexual, so we'll use the median of 7% for our purposes. So say 7% of the population enjoys actively participating in homosexual acts, and that is a great good for them. Since they are generally performing said acts on others in that same percentage (or kinky experimenters), we'll say that by itself it is an act that does not impede the other percentage of the population from enjoying their own happiness, and is thus a net good for the world.

However, if a person in the 93% is attracted to a member of the 7% homosexual population the straight person would be unable to enjoy sexual activities with them isn't permitting homosexual acts decreasing the happiness of the 93%? Perhaps, but keep in mind that greatest good for all is in play here. If the straight person would enjoy having sex with the homosexual person, but the homosexual person would actively dislike having sex with the straight person we should likely consider it a wash- by keeping the two groups separate and engaging in sexual relations with those that they would both enjoy sexual relationships it results in a greater good for the world.

What about procreation, though? A homosexual couple is not able to produce offspring, and thus robs the world of the goods in life that those theoretical children could have enjoyed! An interesting argument, but one that is not without rebuttals. First of all, forcing people who don't wish to have children to have children would be a large drain on their happiness, and children raised by couples who don't want to have children are generally less happy in their lives as a result. Additionally, we're to a point technologically where just because a couple happens to be of the same sex it does not preclude them from procreating or adopting and raising a child- some might argue that you are doing the child an evil by giving it two parents of the same sex (and thus perhaps lacking a role model of the opposite sex), but that concern is at least neutralized by the argument that the good from having parents who care about you is better than having no parents- and the fact that the homosexual couple who would have volunteered to raise the child would be doing it because they want to means that it would be good for them, and thus just.

Additionally, some people in the 93% (men) derive great enjoyment from watching two homosexuals engage in sexual activities. This would thereby not only be a good for the people who are engaging in the act, but people who may desire to watch it as well- another bonus for the good of the world!

There are additional arguments for homosexuality being a good for the world, but there is (at least) one counterpoint to my argument- the fact that homosexual people are happy and engaging in sexual acts makes unownmew so deeply unhappy that it cancels out all of the net gain of happiness for the rest of the world, even though no one is forcing him to engage in homosexual acts himself.

Dang, I really thought we had something there. I guess homosexuality is philosophically immoral.
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