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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Trading my Level 1 Male Skarmory to Gemini Spark for 2 rare candies. Take good care of him!! :3

2 Rare Candies <----------> Lv. 1 Male Skarmory



Well, now I have a flyer, let's look this guy up:

Skarmory, the Armor Bird Pokemon. Its body is made entirely of steel, including its wings. Despite how heavy this is perceived, Skarmory can fly at speeds of up to 190 MPH. They nest in bramble bushes, where their chicks wings grow hard after being constantly scratched by the thorny nests. They are fiercely territorial and will slash enemies to pieces with their wings, talons, and beak. Feathers that are shed from a Skarmory's body are later turned into weapons people can use.

Wow, that's pretty terrifying. You'll probably get along with quite a few of my Pokemon, though. Maybe you're nice, though... *reaches out to pet Skarmory's beak*

Skarmory: *almost bites my fingers, then snickers*

Oh, a wise guy, huh? All right, let's go then! We've got a whole team to meet... Icarus!

*Trade Closed*
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