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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: After apologizing to Torchic, you turn to the little brass bell Pokémon and try to ask him some questions directly. "Did you fall down from somewhere? The sky, or off the wall?" The Chingling gazes up at you, his mouth quivering, lips undulating like he's about to burst into tears again at any minute. You crouch down and open your arms. "I've got a better idea, little one," you say. "I'm not the best at Pokemon speak, to be honest. I'm a bit blonde. How about you and Torchic try to show me what happened? Lead me in the right direction. I'm Alice, by the way. It's very nice to meet you." And so saying, you offer Chingling your hand. Maybe it will shake it? Or sniff it?, you think to yourself. "Please don't cry anymore," you beg it. "Okay?"

Chingling wails. The noise is so deafening you ...

Pokémon in the area:
a Chingling

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
x1 blue orb (left behind on floor of hallway)
Chingling started wailing. This wasn't what Alice had been going for. She recoiled awkwardly, shuffling her bum along the stone ground with her hands over her ears. Eyes shifting to poor Torchic, who had backed off into the archway to try and spare himself, she tried to recall his charades: one of the walls, and the sky. It looked like it was time for some interpreting, whether she was good at it or not.

Still holding her hands over her ears, and actually feeling pain from what could have even been a screech attack at these decibels, Alice clambered to her feet and went to the wall that the fire-type had pointed at. Looking above her again, she could only see twilight colours, not even sure of where the Sun was under the hanging mist and the clouds overhead. "Is there something up there? Did Chingling come from there?" She wondered, this time examining the wall itself, even getting onto her toes to try and even glance the top. What had this baby in such a tizzy?

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