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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Confirmed for Single Level pickup on Monday 3rd September 2012.
Talon87: Lv.49 Mankey and Lv.56 Chikorita
Each of your Pokémon will have gained one level at the end of the week.
Picking up my Level 57 Chikorita and my Level 50 Mankey.

Cyrus installed Lanette's PC upgrade! (Celes the Chikorita is my starter and is now at Level 57. SugarPuff the Hoppip has been at Level 50 for a while now. And Mankey just hit Level 50.) Cyrus now has six PC slots!

For record keeping's sake, last week when Mankey hit Level 49 he learned Close Combat.

Dropping off my Level 9 Bulbasaur and my Level 3 Misdreavus for the week.
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