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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by Dragon 11
Torkoal Stu: Reply in white

After letting your Corsola out of its pokeball, you look around you. You are in a valley in the mountains, and tall ones at that. You guess them to reach at least two mile above you. There is a river running beside you. Corsola jumps little jumps until she reachs the river. Deciding to follow the river a ways rather than climb the mountains, you continue for a while. You bundle up to keep warm. Along river and up the mountains for a good mile, you see pine trees. Beyond that it is simply rock.

Then you hear the the roar of wind and looking up to see a massive green line up above you. Then in curves down at you, then you realize that the ledgendary Rayquaza. Then you realize your peril. You see your life flash before your eyes, though it seems like a flash. Then... nothing.

When you come to, you can't tell if its been a few minutes or an eternity. When you open your eyes, you see your corsola asleep beside you. Then you look around you, other than the small cot that you and your pokemon are on and a door, the room is empty, though there isn't really isn't room for much else. The door opens and you cover your eyes from the light. The door shuts and a man in a hooded cloak is my the door.

"Your finally awake," said the figure, in a rather high, though male, voice. He pulled off the dark gray hood to reveil a rather average face, probably in its mid-twenties, with round blue eyes and short black hair. He thought for a moment where to begin, and started, "Hello, my name is Gabriel. I'm happy to say you aren't dead, though you are in heaven. You have been asleep for the last day, but you don't have any major injuries. I have a favor to ask."

You look at him with a confused look, so he adds, "I'm sorry, you probably have a world of questions, just ask."
Stu swiftly opened his eyes. He felt strange, confused mostly but also slightly relieved that he had the ability to open his eyes. “Gretchen!” he screamed as he looked around frantically, upon seeing her asleep beside him a very large smile of relief spread across his face. Suddenly Stu found that he was blinded by a bright light as a door opened and a man entered, he squinted as he saw the man take off his hood and reveal his average face and Stu assumed he must be in his twenties. He revealed his name to be Gabriel and he told Stu he wasn’t dead but was in heaven. “What? But. Rayquaza! What is going on?” Stu thought his mind going literally a mile a minute as there were so many things going on at that very moment. Then Gabriel said something that stuck in Stu’s head: “I have a favor to ask."

“Favour?” Stu replied. Not really sure what to make of Gabriel, Stu sighed and started to wonder whether or not the Rayquaza he saw was connected to this favour. And what exactly Gabriel was. And how he is exactly he was in heaven, yet not dead. There were so many questions, yet so little time to ask them. “Well, what kind of favour?” Stu asked cautiously as there were so many questions he wanted to ask yet didn’t want to know the answers to instead he figured he should go with the flow and see where it takes him.

Dragon 11 ~ Update 2
“All your humans are just the same…corrupted, flawed, soulless…you do nothing but lie, I know you want to fight and cause pain more than anything in the world,” the girls voice replies scornfully which makes you wonder why exactly she seems to hate people so much. Xype springs into action as you find you have to battle this ghostly witch and her strange girl trainer, your order your moves quickly yet carefully while the Mismagius decides its time to show you its skills. Mismagius starts by creating a purple sphere in front of itself, which begins to increase in size as it becomes amplified by more and more ghostly energy. Xype spots this as a good opportunity to use Sucker Punch, he then dives straight forward and smashes Mismagius in the gut for quite good damage as she then releases her Shadow Ball which quickly comes into contact with the Murkrow as he didn’t have enough time to get away. Your Pokemon then quickly shakes off this hit and then begins to charge right at Mismagius, gaining more and more speed until he smashes right into her once again for more damage. Mismagius lets out a cry of pain which turns into a very loud high pitch scream, which practically deafens you and Xype. After the sound from the Screech attack subsides Xype then covers himself in a dark aura due to his wicked thoughts and then tackles right into Mismagius for the third time, dealing pretty good dark damage.

However the Mismagius doesn’t seem to do anything after the third attack, she floats back to her original place on the bar and seems to await her orders. Suddenly, the little girl with the black eyes, pink dress and waist long blonde hair materialises next to her hurt partner and looks directly at you with her pirecing eyes giving you a look of pure disgust. “My poor sweet dear dare you! Mismagius, give him a taste of your psychic now!” She screams pointing directly at you as Mismagius is surrounded by a magnificent blue aura. You feel as if you’re losing control of yourself as you get forcefully shoved against one of the bar walls, Xype flies quickly over to you as you attempt to break free of the psychic hold that has you currently stuck against the wall. “You’re all the same, I can smell it on you…don’t worry I will soon finish you off and you'll be free of your flawed human existance.” What will you do now?
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