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Re: Free For All Zone

Originally Posted by Torkoal Stu
Sorry if this isn't that good, I'm quite rusty with updating and all that jazz. But I hope you enjoy it D11 ^.^

You don't have to reply in this colour, it's just I like having colour in updates. Also I put it in size one to make it look neater *shrugs*. Maybe that's just my opinion.

Dragon 11 ~ Update 1
You and Xype glance at your trusty map and notice you are pointing at a town which seems to be located far away from the rest of the world, but this doesn’t bother you as you agreed to go wherever you pointed. After a seemingly long walk, through forest, mountain, more forest and desert you find yourself smiling as you see the town in the distance. You and Xype run and fly, respectively, in excitement at the sight of your location and not stopping until you reach it. When you get there you both stop for a second to catch your breath as you have walked quite a long way, after a few minutes you look around to notice that the town is quite old and run down. There are many buildings, all made of wood like something from a Wild West movie except there are broken windows, smashed doors and it appears to be completely deserted. In an attempt to find someone you walk around a little bit, eventually reaching a building with a ripped and slanted sign that says ‘BA’ on top of the door which can be assumed used to say ‘BAR’. Upon entering you notice many things: a strange musty smell due to a lack of refresh air, a variety of broken objects such as barstools, chairs, pool table, pool cues and windows, an abundance of shattered glass all over the floor and lastly no one around at all.

Xype flies a bit away and lands on the bar which has much of the broke glass on it, behind the bar there is dried up liquid all over the floor and more glass obviously where bottles and glasses were smashed for whatever reason. You suddenly feel a cold chill run down your spine which makes you pivot quickly on your feet to face the entrance. On the ground in front of the door you notice the body of a girl lying still as if she was stone, she appears to be wearing a pink dress and has long blonde hair probably down to her waste. She can’t be older than about twelve. You cautiously walk towards her as she then suddenly opens her eyes piercing, emotionless, empty black eyes and she then swiftly vanishes into thin air. Xype squawks and then quickly flies to your side, which makes you turn around once again to see a purple ghostly witch Pokemon floating above the bar where Xype once was. Though, you quickly acknowledge the Pokemon to be Mismagius.

“How dare you enter this town, this is my home. You are one of those sickening people and I will not stand to have you in this place. Now, you shall suffer the wrath of my ghostly friend Mismagius!” the voice of a young girl bellows throughout the bar. What will you do now?
Aero looked around the bar. Everything was in shambles. But he didn't have time to ponder what was going on before he felt like there was something behind him. Aero turned around to see a little girl on the floor by the enterance. He was positive it was just his mind playing tricks on him, but he checked anyway. But as he nieled by the little girl, she opened her eyes to reveil only black, then she was gone.

Then Xype have a suprised caw and Aero turned around and got up in one quick movement. Xype landed on his shoulder as he saw a dark purple ghost pokemon. A mismagius, Aero noted to himself. Then he heard a little girl's voice say something about sickening people and the wrath of her mismagius.

"I don't want to fight you, and I mean you no harm. I don't even know what you mean by 'sickening people,' and I'll try to help you" replied Aero before smirking, "but if its a fight you want, I'll help you with that. Murkrow, Sucker Punch, Pursuit, Assurance.
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