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Re: Free For All Zone

Torkoal Stu: Reply in white

After letting your Corsola out of its pokeball, you look around you. You are in a valley in the mountains, and tall ones at that. You guess them to reach at least two mile above you. There is a river running beside you. Corsola jumps little jumps until she reachs the river. Deciding to follow the river a ways rather than climb the mountains, you continue for a while. You bundle up to keep warm. Along river and up the mountains for a good mile, you see pine trees. Beyond that it is simply rock.

Then you hear the the roar of wind and looking up to see a massive green line up above you. Then in curves down at you, then you realize that the ledgendary Rayquaza. Then you realize your peril. You see your life flash before your eyes, though it seems like a flash. Then... nothing.

When you come to, you can't tell if its been a few minutes or an eternity. When you open your eyes, you see your corsola asleep beside you. Then you look around you, other than the small cot that you and your pokemon are on and a door, the room is empty, though there isn't really isn't room for much else. The door opens and you cover your eyes from the light. The door shuts and a man in a hooded cloak is my the door.

"Your finally awake," said the figure, in a rather high, though male, voice. He pulled off the dark gray hood to reveil a rather average face, probably in its mid-twenties, with round blue eyes and short black hair. He thought for a moment where to begin, and started, "Hello, my name is Gabriel. I'm happy to say you aren't dead, though you are in heaven. You have been asleep for the last day, but you don't have any major injuries. I have a favor to ask."

You look at him with a confused look, so he adds, "I'm sorry, you probably have a world of questions, just ask."

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