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Re: Free For All Zone

Note: Whoop thanks D11 for doing this with me and I don't mind where I go, so anywhere =O. Also I’ll update you soon (thanks for Gary for the idea as well).

Stu sighed grudgingly as he had no idea where he was or what was anywhere nearby, all he knew was that he was heading for another adventure. His Pokeballs on his belt, his backpack fully packed and his brain in gear he was completely and utterly prepared for this adventure. He walked a few steps, took a deep breath and took a few more steps forward. “Maybe it's about time I brought in some company?” He asked himself, knowing that he must be lonely if he has been downgraded to making small talk to himself. He picked a Pokeball from his belt and pushed the button in the middle, suddenly a stream of bright light appeared and then took the form of Gretchen Stu’s Corsola. He smiled at her, she smiled back and then let out a ‘Cor’ before Stu picked her up and they began to walk. “Let’s hope we find somewhere soon…” he mumbled.
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