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Re: Free For All Zone

Aero looked left and looked right. He was positive something strange was about to happen. Positive. He grabbed a random pokeball from his belt and through it to the ground. Xype, his moody Murkrow, appeared out of the light. Xype glanced back as if to say, "Oh god, not again." Aero returned it with a "Deal" stare. He reached into his backpack and after a few seconds wandering through the figurative black hole, pulled out a map.

"The gameplan is simple," he said, unfolding the map, "I point randomly, and we go there." When Xype shrugged, Aero rolled his eyes, then closed them. He didn't care where he went, as long as it had something paranormal or archiological, or both, perferably. Aero took a deep breath and poked the map. He opened the map and saw where he and the Murkrow were about to go.
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