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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Fighting Types: 2 levels, 1 Egg or MT move, 1 TM, 1 +10 Birthday Poffin, 1 Orange Gummi
Today is Mankey's birthday. I'm not sure he trusts me yet or that I can trust him around the other Pokémon ^^; but he's a special member of the team all the same. Happy birthday, guy!

- Raising Mankey from Level 46 to Level 48
- Feeding him an Orange Gummi to raise his IQ from 0 to 1
- Feeding him a Birthday Poffin to raise all of his contest stats from 0 to 10
- Teaching him TM Acrobatics
- Teaching him EM Foresight

Arc Edit: Mankey's Birthday Presents Confirmed

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