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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post

DaisyInari, you've not stated what level you're raising Combee from and to. Additionally, the Valentine Candy needs to be used in the giveaway thread with a link to your Pokémon's beauty points in order to receive the effects. I'm therefore taking this as a straight deposit and subsequent withdrawal of one rare candy but if you can please repost with a link to Combee's prior level and stating the level you're raising it to I'll appreciate it.
Sure thing! I should have done this before D:


It turns out that when I traded Combee, the level wasn't specified so I assume she was level 5. It turns out she was level 1! It doesn't change anything at all actually, since she doesn't learn any moves til level 13 anyway and I haven't used her at all in any zones or battles xd; So here's the breakdown!

My Lv1(although at the time I thought it was 5) Combee was dropped at the daycare and gained a level! Now she's level 2, not 6!

Then I gave her the Valentine's Candy, now raising her level from 2 to 3. Here's the proof of the Beauty Points~

I guess the reason Yuki and I didn't specify the level before because she had just made another trade with Silver Wind with all that information. Sorry for the mess up D:

I guess this is a perfect example of why compulsory linking to level gains has been introduced. Thanks for clearing that up ^^.

If that hopefully clears things up, I'd like to finally make my weekly deposit xd;

Old Balance: 20 Candies

Depositing one Monday Candy!

Depositing one candy from the Arcade!

Depositing one Monday Candy!

Depositing one Monday Candy!

Depositing one Monday Candy!

Depositing one Monday Candy!

New Balance: 26 Candies

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