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OoC: Thanks for reffing us Arc! Heh, maybe I did go a bit overboard in using Softboiled to heal him but then again, I knew that Gaspard would still have enough energy left to do a few moves... though I didn't expect Softboiled to take up THAT much energy. I'm keeping that in mind next time. ^_^"

The battle had gone to a close. Connor and Gaspard had won and the Aipom had laid himself down on the ground. Connor quickly approached Gaspard and the Aipom got back up again. "Nicely done Gaspard, way to go!" he said as he gave him a high-five with Aipom's tail-hand. Connor then scooped Gaspard in his arms and he noticed that the Aipom quickly fell asleep. "That battle really took a lot out of you huh? Take a good rest for now partner," he warmly smiled at him.

He then approached Cyrus and thanked for a wonderful match. Connor then parted ways with him and Stacey and headed towards... somewhere.

Leveling up Gaspard from 53 to 55!
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