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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
Things has become closer as Round 6 appeared and now both trainer saw an opportunity to win. Connor orders an Icy Wind from Gaspard and the Aipom oblidges. He breathes in deep before releasing a sparkling blue wave of frozen air towards Celes, but she has a plan. She Whips her Vines into the mud and launches herself over Gaspard to avoid the attack landing gracefully if a little wobbly from the energy use. Gaspard looks on in shock and turns around to receive a Leech Seed to the face. He panics and claws at the seed but suddenly it falls away and he notices why. Celes was looking lovingly at her trainer, she had tried so hard but she couldn't hold on any longer. She collapses to the ground too exhausted to continue on. The referee enters the arena and points her flag towards Connor.

"Chikorita is unable to battle, Connor and Aipom are the winners!"

Health: 80%
Energy: 08%
Status: Sp. Atk ++

Health: 62%
Energy: 00%
Status: KO'd from exhaustion

Congratulations to Connor and Gaspard. You took some heavy shots but your Potion saved you at the right moment. Your use of Softboiled at the end nearly finished you both off but you had the advantage on energy and worked it well. You're racking up victories now, keep up the good work.
For his victory Gaspard receives this . He also receives two levels.

Commiserations to Talon87 and Celes, you were just a little too keen with the heavy energy moves such as multiple barrier moves but the Solar Beam was well timed. There was some bad luck with the burn too but the RNG is fickle for sure. There is no shame in losing to a worthy opponent. Celes receives 1 XP for participating in the battle.

I hope to see you both back again ^-^
OoC: Wouldn't have bothered with the defensive barriers if I'd known they were so energy draining and yet so easy to break through. Live and learn.

Cyrus ran out onto the field. "Celes!" He fell down to his knees and scooped the Chikorita up into his arms. "You did great. You deserve a long rest." Hugging her close to him, he then loosened his hold to reach around for her PokéBall and, with it in hand, summoned her back inside.

Cyrus then stood up and congratulated the other trainer for his win before turning around and heading down the mountain slope. He'd head for the nearest Pokémon Center and then from there ... who knows ...

OoC: Collecting the 1 EXP point for Celes and depositing it in storage. Thanks for reffing us, Arc.
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