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Cyrus closed his eyes. A small smile formed on his lips. This was it.

Cyrus opened his eyes to look back at the Aipom on the other side of the field once again. He looked somewhat battered, yes, but the potion his trainer had just administered seemed to have put some pep in the monkey's step. Cyrus couldn't know for certain but it seemed to him that this monkey could easily fight for another two, three rounds, possibly even longer. Then Cyrus looked at Celes. She seemed less scratched up, true, but she was panting heavily. If only panting were all she was doing, but she had been wincing because of that burn for quite some time now, and the fiasco with the SolarBeam only proved that his Chikorita needed urgent medical treatment. Cyrus clenched his fingers around the Burn Heal he held in his hand. His ears were still ringing from the monkey's terrible high-pitched screeching. He imagined Celes was probably much the same. With her ears ringing, her skin burned by the geyser's boiling-hot water, and her stamina all but spent, things weren't looking good.

Cyrus felt Celes had just enough energy for at least one final attack. He knew which one to pick. It was the only move he could pick in this situation.

"Celes! Use Aromatherapy! Then, if you can still manage it, use Leech Seed to try and stall the enemy! Finally, run over to that pair of geysers that just erupted and lie down to try and recover some energy!" It was desperate, Cyrus realized, but it was all he could do in this situation.
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