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Cyrus looked at the Pokémon before him on the battlefield. Chikorita had been burned by the geyser, it was true, but the opponent's monkey looked to be in much more dire straights right now. Celes' crippling Body Slam had rendered the Aipom paralyzed. This would be bad enough under ordinary circumstances; but when coupled with the ensnaring vines of Celes' Leech Seed ...! The photographer boy seemed to recognize this fact too as he orders his partner to try for as long as it takes to escape from the Leech Seed. But what would it take to escape? A single scratch? Ten? Twenty? Cyrus didn't know, but he knew one thing: he would use every last second given to him by the circumstances to let Celes use her ultimate weapon. It was now or never!

"Celes! Ready yourself between Aipom and his trainer and start absorbing sunlight! Keep doing it until the moment Aipom looks like he's managed to escape from the Leech Seed! At that very moment, take aim and let loose your SolarBeam!" Cyrus hoped that through a combination of time affording Celes ample charging and the enemy's paralysis affording her significant aim, this would be one "snapshot" the boy on the other side of the arena never forgot.
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