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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You decide to head in the direction of the crying. As the Combee rounds the corner heading right, you approach the T-junction and round the opposite corner heading left. And the little hallway you're in now ... is identical to the one before, only 90° off. It's a labyrinth in here, that much is for sure, and it makes you wish you had some way to keep track of where you've come from. But no time for that now: the wailing is getting louder, which means you must be getting closer. You twist and turn through the path, sometimes taking this way, other times taking that, sometimes coming upon a dead end and having to turn back around a bit before choosing another way to go. But as the wailing gets louder and louder, you're sure you're on the right path. But the right path to what exactly?

And as you round the final corner, you find out. There in front of you, sitting on the ground, is a large yellow bell with tiny little eyes, hands, and feet. Two cords of red and white rope droop down by its sides touching the ground. This is the source of the mysterious wailing noise. As you turned around the corner, your surprise appearance startled the Chingling into temporary silence; but, his eyes widen in terror on your approach and he just bawls and bawls even more, louder than before. The noise is almost deafening at this distance. The Chingling is visibly distressed. But what? What could be the cause? You look around: there are no signs of any other Pokémon in the area, just this one Chingling.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:
a Chingling

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
x1 blue orb (left behind on floor of hallway)
Alice followed the path that she took, regretting immediately. Torchic looked up, noticing that his trainer was grimacing and grumbling, too stubborn to give in and go back despite her annoyance. The Combee could have been going somewhere important, after all. But no, on she went.

When they reached the wailing, the source was a psychic type: a Chingling, resting on the stone floor and looking up at them in fear. The girl smiled, finding him adorable, until he started bawling his eyes and heart and soul and absolutely everything out, judging by the erratic volume. She cringed, backing off and clapping her hands over her ears.

"Stop crying, Chingling! We're not going to hurt you, for god's sake! Tell it, Torchic!" Alice pleaded, looking over the room. She couldn't find the source of the noise. Maybe it was just a crybaby? "Find out what it's crying for!"

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