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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You peek your head into the opening to the left of the path. You see what looks like another hallway, just like this one, only it ends in a dead end to the right only about twenty feet away. You turn your head to the left to look the other way and see that the hallway stretches on for a bit before rounding a corner. Turning your head back to look ahead of you, you can see another large break similar to the one you're standing in right now about three feet to the right. You don't see or hear anything else in particular.

Pulling back to the main hallway, you see Torchic running back towards you. It looks like he chose to investigate where the main hallway leads to. When you ask him what he found, he conveys to you that the hallway turns a corner to the right at the very end and that it continues on and on for quite a ways.

The opening to the right is as yet unexplored. The wailing is faint but you can still hear it. Aside from that, the maze is silent save for your breathing and the infrequent scratching of Torchic's talons on stone.

The blue glass orb is still on the floor where you left it.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
x1 blue orb
Alice did her investigating, finding one dead end, and another that stretched around a corner. She went back to find Torchic running towards her, listening to his sweet chirps and flapping of his little wings, finding that the main corridor carried on for a while.

"We still have one path left that we didn't check." She reminded him, indicating the final route to the right. The girl glanced at the blue orb, pondering whether she was up for another round of pain or not. Deciding that was a no, and that it would be safe there, the girl called 'Come on, Torchic!' before going briskly down the unexplored walkway, curious to see if that brought her anywhere soon, or if she would have to make a more dedicated decision about where to go... With that damned blue orb in tow.

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