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"'Before she does anything funny', huh?" Cyrus mused. Not one, not two, but three Screeches: clearly the boy was aiming for a TKO. And ordinarily this many attacks used to lower Chikorita's defense would be a grand strategic advantage. If not a KO this round, then surely the next. That must've been what the boy was hoping for. However, there was one thing he seemed to have overlooked: whatever the opponent threw at Celes, she could throw it back twofold!

"Celes!" Cyrus called. "When the enemy comes close to scratch you, you should have a clear shot of his tail! Aim for that with your Razor Leaf attack! Then use another Safeguard to block out any more of that terrible screeching! Finally," Cyrus took a breath, "... stand your ground as he tries to use U-Turn and fire back twofold with your Counter attack!" Two, possibly three defense drops? A super-effective physical attack? Cyrus was confident it wouldn't be enough to KO Chikorita, but he was equally confident it would probably do a hell of a lot of damage to her. And that was exactly what he was counting on. A hit like that returned two-fold ...! "I'll use your own Screech attacks against you," Cyrus thought as the two Pokémon engaged one another in the second round of the battle.
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