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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You hear Torchic's chirping and turn around to see what's the matter. "Oh. Are you stuck?" you ask, frowning. Torchic seems to be afraid of the water. You encourage him to cross. "You'll be alright, Torchic. It's just a bit of water." Torchic looks from you to the water below him to the waterfalls on either side then back to you. He does this a few more times before staring at the stony floor past the well-reservoir and, as he has so many times before, shakes his little feathery rump as he coils energy into his legs and ...

"TOOOOR!" He leaps over the frankly none-too-wide well-reservoir and lands quite safely on the other side. He looks up at you, a mix of pride and embarrassment on his face, as he hurries to catch up with you. Together, the two of you set off down the corridor, the gentle roar of the waterfalls from the statue room falling away as you do.

The going isn't exactly easy. This big glass ball you're carrying weighs a ton. Well, not literally a ton, but it weighs a lot. You can feel the lactic acid burning in your arms, as if rigid steel rods were being driven into them like spikes. The rods are hot, they burn. But you don't put the ball down. You carry on through the path. You believe this ball is necessary for something. A puzzle, perhaps. Or a key to a locked door, maybe. Something. Anything. Because your arms are so very tired from your hour of rock climbing which ended not even half an hour ago, you try to carry the ball in the most efficient manner. But it's slow going. You can't walk at a brisk pace through the maze now, let alone run.


You hear the roar of the unseen beast. It sounds somewhat farther away than before. You hope, optimistically, that it may still be by the drained pool. You can't be certain though. For all you know it's soon to arrive in the statue room. Or perhaps it's already turned around and is coming at you from a different direction? Who can say. Certainly not you. You're not a bat or an owl and you don't have any Pokémon who could try to estimate how far away that animal is just based on the loudness of its roaring. In fact, without a baseline estimate, like knowing how loud it sounds when it's right before you, even Pokémon who echolocate could have a hard time trying to tell how far away the mysterious Krakikron is. But the knowledge that it's still in this maze with you is good enough to keep you going.

The path winds and weaves a few times but with no breaks in the wall. Torchic walks alongside you, looking up at his trainer, trying to deduce what is going through her mind right now, then turns back to look ahead. On and on the path winds, then ...

You come to your first break in the wall. The path continues on in a straight line, but to your left is an opening. It looks like the wall has crumbled here. Perhaps it wasn't meant to be an opening; or perhaps it was but the edges of the wall have fallen away over time and leave it looking more rugged than it should. Further down the hall, you can see another opening, this time in the right wall. This opening is clearly manmade. In the direction of this second opening, you can faintly hear a noise. Wailing? From your current position it's hard to make out. You look all the way down the hallway. It goes on for quite some distance before coming to a wall face. Perhaps it twists to the left; perhaps it twists to the right; or perhaps it is a dead end. You can't tell from your current position: you would have to walk down there to find out.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
x1 blue orb
Alice grinned, giggling down at the mixed face her Torchic pulled as he caught up with her, waiting for him to make most of the distance before continuing onward. Unlike her usual self, though, she was quiet: the physical exhaustion was weighing on her - like that darned ball - and her arms and hands were in pain. It was like she could feel the inner damage occurring as a result, and the teenager tried to bring some relief by shifting her hold here and there, but it never did much good.

"You know, those trips to the Pokespa were pointless for you," The girl told her Pokemon offhandedly, noticing that the little bird was peering up at her. The explanation was cut off by the sudden roar, which made her tremble and stop on the spot, needing a moment to recollect her nerves. If she dropped the sphere now, she would regret it. Everything in this labyrinth had a purpose, the trainer was sure of that, and finding out that it was necessary for her escape and survival and having to race back to get it in this condition was not possible. The suffering had to be endured. This short bout of pain was nothing in comparison to a lifetime of lazing around and adventuring in safer places, and everything else one could do with their years.

"What I mean is," Alice continued finally, moving onwards again, shaking like a leaf, "Is that you're a bundle of cuteness anyway, so all those sweets were wasted on you! I bet they were nice to munch on, though."

Falling back into silence, endless walls surrounded them for a time. She had no idea how much time had passed, but to her, it felt like it was passing quickly. It felt like the world was moving too quickly for her to keep up, and that the Krakikron would be onto her in no time at all. Finally, though, the duo came upon a wall with a crumbled gap in it, and another one with some sound further to the right. There was a sound coming from it - a worrying one, too, at that - but it was better than nothing.

"Hold on, let's check out our choices before we try to haul things about." Alice said, finally allowing herself to carefully put the blue orb on the ground, the strain emphasised more now that it had been let go. The freedom this brought, though, was wonderful, and she stretched and flopped her arms about before going to investigate.

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