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Re: Cable Club

Originally Posted by Rabid Squirrel
Trading a Lv.2 Ponyta with 8 beauty points and EMs Hypnosis and Flame Wheel along with a candy for Talon's Lv.1 Male Sunkern

Gender: Female
Level: 2
Type: Fire
Nature: Undecided
Ability: Undecided
Evolutions: Rapidash at level 40
Pokéball: Pokéball
Met: Egg House from Fire Core Egg at Lv.1
Beauty Points: 8
Level Up Moves: Tackle
Egg Moves: Flame Wheel, Hypnosis
Hold Item: None
Trading my Level 1 Sunkern to Rabid Squirrel in exchange for her Ponyta (see above) and one Rare Candy.

Species: Sunkern
Name: none yet given, nor has he ever been RP'ed with
Gender: male
Level: 1
Met: hatched on Jan 22, 2008
Ability: not yet defined, so she is free to define it as she pleases (lucky her!)
Moves: Absorb, Growth
Held Item: none

*Trade Confirmed*
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