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Originally Posted by Arc_Angel View Post
It almost looked as if Cyrus and Bulbasaur had this battle in the bag. They were using their grass typing to their advantage to deal severe damage to their opponent and in only 2 rounds had them near the point of losing. Melissa wasn't about to give up however and still had faith that her Pokemon would pull through.

Bulbasaur's vision is improving now as her tears have wash away most of the dirt and grit from her eyes but either way she is going to use a move she knows won't miss. She releases her Magical Leaf attack, the flurry of glowing green projectiles heading right towards Swinub who Endures the attack making sure he wouldn't faint right now.

Swinub uses his Odor Sleuth to try an ensure his next hit but Bulbasaur has a plan up her sleaves. She feels a light breeze coming from behind her and so fires off a Sludge Bomb into the wind allowing it fill the air with its powerful stench. It doesn't hit Swinub but his sniffing is distracted by the smell of the poisonous bombs landing along the floor, it definitely masked Bulbasaur's sweeter smell. He doesn't let it deter him and he leaps up into the air powering ground energy into his feet before slamming back down on the ground creating a Fissure that cracks the ground a metre apart and it heads right towards Bulbasaur. She feels the ground quake beneath her feet and quickly unleashes her last attack, letting the leaves fly before the ground opens up beneath her and she falls in. Swinub cries out as the leaves slice his skin apart and he falls to the ground unable to take any more.

Both trainers look concerned, Swinub was definitely unconscious but what had happened to Bulbasaur? The referee released her Ninjask and ordered her to look inside the crevasse. Nina complied flying swiftly off and into the hole in the ground. She soon flies back out with a Bulbasaur between her claws looked a little rough around the edges but very much awake.

"Swinub is unable to battle. Cyrus and Bulbasaur win!"

Health: 00%
Energy: 46%
Status: KO'd from his injuries

Health: 35%
Energy: 30%
Status: Spd -

Congratulations to Talon87 and Bulbasaur. You worked your advantage well and didn't let a little thing like poor accuracy affect you. Well done on a very swift victory.
For her victory Bulbasaur receives this . She also receives two levels.

Commiserations to Meetan and Swinub, you were at a disadvatage that his super-effective attacks were stronger than yours I'm afraid. You tried hard and did well considering. Don't give up, we don't all win our first battles. Swinub receives 1 XP for participating in the battle.

I hope to see you both back again ^-^
Cyrus exhaled a huge sigh of relief as he saw the ref's Ninjask come back up out of the crevasse with Bulbasaur clutched between her legs. Running over towards the cleft in the ground he cried out. "BULBASAUR!" The baby Bulbasaur looked over at her trainer and weakly smiled. She'd just been through a harrowing experience but had come out of it no worse for the wear. A few scratches here or there, certainly, but good experience for the little one. Cyrus hugged Bulbasaur tight to his chest -- "You did a good job, girl" -- before setting her down gently on the ground and recalling her to her PokéBall.

Cyrus then walked over to the other trainer. "Those were some pretty scary moves you used there," he offered. "Good battle." He offered his hand for a handshake.

OoC: Bulbasaur grew to Level 9! Bulbasaur learned Vine Whip!
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