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Cyrus felt a cool surge of adrenaline course through his body as he saw the Swinub go flying towards the great cherry tree in the center of the grassy knoll. He had hoped the attack would connect, and sure enough it had. And with the Magical Leaf just before it, and the second Magical Leaf attack just now, the Swinub looked to him to be pretty beat up. Just a little more!

"Bulbasaur, Magical Leaf!" Cyrus hoped the little homing missiles would find their mark as before. But he hears the enemy trainer shout out commands to her little truffle hunter to close the distance between them and to find the biggest "truffle" of them all here on this field. An Odor Sleuth attack! What to do? Cyrus had a plan. "Then I want you to use Sludge Bomb! Fire downwind!" Bulbasaur might have some dirt in her eyes right now but that shouldn't affect her ability to "see" with her skin, Cyrus hoped! Follow the gentle kiss of the light breeze on your back, Bulbasaur, and hopefully if not the powerful blasts from the bombs themselves then at least the poisonous fumes of the Sludge Bomb will find Swinub's sensitive nose and ...!

"Then fire off a second salvo of Magical Leaves!" Cyrus shouted, hoping there would be an open window for the second barrage of verdant blades to find their mark. "We can do this!"
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