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Eevee The Shinka Workshop Gym

Upon a hilltop just outside Pallet sits a quaint, humble art studio, once home to the greatest artists of the world. Years after its decommissioning, however, it has become the home of the first Pallet Town Gym, renamed the Shinka Workship. This Gym specializes in a rather peculiar specialty, being the only Gym in the world to use just one Species of Pokémon... Eeveelutions.

Welcome to the Eeveelution Gym!

After quite a long hiatus, I'm back and this time, reviving a theme not seen in the ASB in quite a few years. This time, I've given the Gym a bit of an artistic flare, and even if I'm not much of an artist myself, my Eeveelutions make up for that plenty. Show off your artistic abilities, and maybe learn a thing or two!

The Shinka Workshop:
Spoiler: show
Shinka Workshop Gym (Advanced Indoor/Outdoor Arena)
On a peaceful hillside just outside Pallet, the Indigo League has funded a large art complex for the education of the Kanjohto citizens, which makes all official art, designs and architecture for official league buildings and functions. In recent years, it has fallen into disuse, prompting the league to turn to utilize its space and turn it into a Gym. With the assistance of breeders (and a contribution from Professor Oak), a crop of Eevees were bred for the league's first experimental Gym, an Eeveelution Gym. The Eevee were raised on the studio's grounds, and each soon took up art, working tirelessly in the workshop's many facilities.

Though the Eeveelutions prefer to work elsewhere, each of the combatants have their own space where they will face their foes. When the leader performs a successful switch, both Pokémon will be teleported to the appropriate arena.

The Sketchroom (Eevee)

A large, circular room that makes up the very center of the complex, the sketchroom is a well-lit, open room that is perfect for modeling and sketching. Plenty of tables, stools, stands and easels are peppered around the area, all stocked with art supplies. There's a lot of cozy spaces to cram in and hide for the tiny one that scampers about. The floor is a soft clay, making it easy to dig in and easy to get a firm grip.
When not battling, Scribbles spends much time here, perfecting her drawings and charcoal works.

The Dye Pool (Vaporeon)

A bright, open area on the north side of the building, the Dye Pool is used to dye, wash and treat fabric, as well as acting as the water source for the gardens outside and the rest of the complex, fed by a small spring at the very base. Its very pure water is perfect for dying and cleaning, and the lack of contaminants makes it a poor conductor of electricity. The pool itself is fairly large, about the size of a standard arena, and is about 15 feet deep. This northern part of the building tends to receive quite a bit of rain, and there is generally a small drizzle, though the impressive stained glass enclosure seals it off from the outside, as well as casting beautiful colors over the water.
Tincture spends much of her time in this room, dying her handmade Caterpie-silk textiles with silk harvested from the Viridian Forest.

The Calligraphy Studio (Jolteon)

This studio on the eastern wing has a bit of an Asian flair, lined with paper walls and covered in (quite springy!) tatami mats. Almost always exposed to the outdoors, it much of the time finds itself in the midst of storms, with rain rolling in off the ocean. Being a traditional, Japanese-style construction, use of arena-manipulating moves are heavily discouraged due to its fragile floor and foundation, and might just cause the user to fall through the floor! The space is wide and open, allowing a lot of room for movement and creativity.
Ink spends quite a lot of time in these rooms, perfecting his calligraphic arts.

The Kiln (Flareon)

The huge kiln in the west wing of the workshop doubles both as a pottery kiln and a blast fire for glass making, often both at once. This causes this part of the building on the southern wing to be particularly hot, making it much hotter than the rest of the complex. Fires blaze from both ends of the studio, giving it the feeling of a scorching desert, seeming as if it were under the influence of constant Bright Sun. The ground is solid concrete, making it quite hard to manipulate or affect. Plenty of hunks of clay lay all about the studio, ready for flinging, and even a few glass pieces might be around...
Strangely, Verre is the most common occupant of this part of the building, working on his carefully crafted glass, though Marble might fire her occasional clay sculpture.

The Gallery (Espeon)

A huge domed gallery occupies the entire second floor of the building, filled with walls displaying many works by the Eeveelution artists. All of the works are displayed in fire-, water- and shatter-proof frames and cases, though nothing is exactly pinned down to the floor, making it ripe for the chucking. The ceiling is decorated with sparkling gems made to look like stars that issue a strange influence over the arena, casting an effect similar to Miracle Eye over the area.

Brush often spends his time in the gallery, hoping to learn from his teammates and gather some inspiration for his next project.

The Darkroom (Umbreon)

This tight little room in the basement houses the photo development darkroom. This room is constantly bathed in a red light, making it difficult to see for those not used to the dark. The room is not very large - only 50 x 50 yards, and is lined with all kinds of development equipment, including some chemicals that may irritate or poison those unfortunate enough to come in contact with them.
Snapshot spends an awful lot of time down in this basement developing his photos, some of which still hang around the room.

The Sculpture Garden (Leafeon)

This garden occupies the southern portion of the complex, also acting as its entryway. This garden is sprawling and teaming with plant life, much of it growing to be quite big and full. Beautiful landscapes have been created from the plants here, many of them truly works of art themselves next to the impressive marble sculptures that are scattered about. A few paths cut through the gardens, though much of it can only be accessed by braving the tangle of plants, which act as perfect hiding places for Grass Pokémon who run around the area.
Though Tincture keeps up some of the grounds, Watercolor mostly tends to these gardens and often makes them the subject of her paintings.

The Sculpting Freezer (Glaceon)

Also in the basement is a special freezer, originally built to house blocks of ice for ice sculpting. This area, however, has become home to quite a few different types of sculptures over the years, with a few little warmer alcoves for other types of sculpture. Battles, however, take place in the ice freezer where sculptures and blocks are stored. This freezer is cooled to a crisp 20 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature for ice sculpture. Frost covers the walls and floors, making it particularly slick. The freezer itself is solid steel and cannot be manipulated in any way. A giant fan circulates air through the freezer, making it seem as if there is a constant snowstorm blowing through the area.
Preferring the cool to sculpt, Marble has made this into her sculpture workshop, working with clay, ice and her namesake, marble.

The Design Loft (Sylveon)
After the mysterious appearance of a strange new Eeveelution in the Shinka Workshop, a new section of the Gym was built to accommodate its newest member, Couture the Sylveon. This new studio has been built atop the existing facilities, residing in a rather spacious, well-lit loft space. The floor is lined with silky carpet, and the walls are draped with soft curtains and flowing ribbons. There are two concentric circles of thick, opaque curtains which divide the studio into three rings. The entire room is dotted with a number of dress forms, each with in-progress design projects. The inner most ring has two large, heavy drafting tables that can be hidden under. The outermost ring has a number of large bureaus which can be hidden behind or in.

If you show your creative skills to trump mine, you'll receive the Pallet Badge!

Pallet Badge
Global Badge
This badge radiates with powerful evolutionary energy, imbued with the power of the elements. It contains small shards of each evolutionary stone, with an everstone set in its center. The energies from the badge grant the wearer abilities beyond their natural capabilities, allowing them to tap into energies they never have before.
Badge Effect: Adaptability
When the trainer posts their squad, he or she may choose two (if posting second) or three (if posting first) moves which are learned by Pokémon on the squad. When each pokemon in the match is sent out, the badge holder may choose one of these moves to add to his pokemon's movepool. This move is usable until the Pokémon faints or runs out of type energy. If they do not normally have this type in their move set, they will be granted a significant amount of type energy or enough for one use, whichever is greater. Mimic restrictions apply. Sig moves and Sketch may not be chosen, but normal moves gained through a sig may. Legend exclusive moves may not be chosen.

Battles will be conducted as follows:

4 vs. 4 to 6 vs. 6
Equiall 2
48 Hour DQ
Switch = KO
The Shinka Workshop Gym Arena

Certified Artists
None (yet!)

Drop-outs (Wins via DQ)

Amateur Artists

In-Training (Ongoing matches)
vs. Kush

The Wait List (Queue)
vs. Zelphon (4 vs. 4)
vs. Altocharizard (4 vs. 4)

Come show your skills and create a battling masterpiece!

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