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Round 1

Originally Posted by Meetan
Swinub ;220;
Level: 18
Gender: Male
Pokeball: Love Ball
Nature: Quiet
Characteristic: Mischievous
Type: Ground/Ice
Obtained: Starter
Ability: Thick Fat
IQ: 5
BP: 10
Contest stats: Beauty/60,Cool/15, Cute/40
Moves: Tackle, Odor Sleuth, Mud Sport, Icy Wind, Charm, Bite, Fissure, Powder Snow, Mud Slap, Sleep Talk, Endure
Hold Item: Nevermeltice
Evolves to: ;221; lvl 33

It was her first trainer battle, and Alice's stomach leapt with anxiety and excitement as she crossed the Stardust Fields to the battle line. She admired the blossoms that rode the wind, listening as the referee talked through the rules.

After respectfully greeting her friend and opponent, she revealed a Love Ball, tossing it to the constellations above. A brown, long haired pig spilled forth from a red beam of light, snorting with vigor.

"Swinub!" The teenager called, pointing towards the enemy Pokemon, "Use Mud Slap to give their accuracy a knock, then follow up with Odor Sleuth and Powder Snow! Aim to freeze and show no mercy!"
Originally Posted by Talon87
Species: Bulbasaur (F) Level 7
Name: (none yet given)
Met: Cable Club, received from *DANI* on February 22, 2008
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: (undeclared)
Attacks: Tackle, Cut, Strength, Rock Smash, Skull Bash, Magical Leaf, Leaf Storm, Growl, Sludge Bomb, Power Whip, Leech Seed
Nature: (undeclared)
Held Item: King's Rock
Contest Stats: Smart: 10 Cool: 10 Beauty: 10 Tough: 10 Cute: 10
IQ: 1
Bio: (none yet given)
Current Location: Slot #5 on my active squad (current shop/zone: none)

=Heal Items=
One of my two Paralyze Heals (link) and two of my ten Fresh Waters (link).

The cherry tree was quite a sight to behold. Cyrus felt it would look even more beautiful on a clear sunny day, but the little sunlight that did manage to creep through the clouds was enough for Cyrus to be able to appreciate the heaven on earth that this grassy field was. He would have to bring Celes and SugarPuff here some time. But for today, Cyrus had decided to bring along the baby Bulbasaur he got in a trade from an old colleague. She still didn't have a name, or rather, Cyrus still hadn't thought of one fitting for this little wonder. Cyrus felt that names were precious. He wanted to get to know this Bulbasaur better before hastily giving her a name. That was why they were here today: to learn about one another.

The referee's coin toss determined that Cyrus would be the first to move. As Cyrus walked away from the other trainer, an older teenage girl, he curled his fingers around the PokéBall on his belt. What Pokémon would the girl send out? Cyrus couldn't know, but he did know at least one thing: win or lose, he and Bulbasaur would give it their best. Turning around, on the ref's ready, Cyrus removed Bulbasaur's PokéBall from his belt and ...

"Bulbasaur, I choose you!"

He summoned Bulbasaur onto the yellow-green grass before him.

Once the other trainer had summoned her Pokémon, Cyrus readied his commands. "Okay, Bulbasaur! Try and close the distance between you two before firing off a Leech Seed! Then once they're caught in the vines I want you to take aim and use your Skull Bash attack! If they dodge the first Leech Seed, then try it once again before you prepare to bash 'em with your skull! But if not, then follow up the Skull Bash with your awesome Strength attack!"

As Bulbasaur dashed off, Cyrus held his breath in excited anticipation. What would happen next?
Both trainer exchange pleasantries and wish each other good luck before taking their places in their trainer boxes. Both were excited to take part in their first ever trainer battle and they call out their Pokemon ready to get started. For Alice it was a cute little Swinub who looked pleased that the sun was blaring down on him, it was cool enough to be comfortable. For Cyrus it was a baby Bulbasaur who looked right at home in this grassy field. Both trainers had the utmost faith in their Pokemon and now it was their chance to show the other how great they truly were. The referee raises her flag and the match was underway.

Swinub was marginally quicker than Bulbasaur and so moves a fraction faster. He digs his feet into the dirt and begins to kick it along with some errant grasses out towards the little dino. Bulbasaur had produced a seed in her bulb and was firing it when she takes a Mud-Slap to the face. It causes her to misfire sending the Leech Seed wide of her target. She grimaces as she shakes her head trying to clear her vision, that was a dirty start to the match!

Swinub turn back around to face his opposition and sniffs the air with his Odor Sleuth. It does't increase his accuracy much as he can clearly see Bulbasaur swiping at her eyes. She stops trying to clear the dirt from her eyes when she thinks she spots Swinub and prepares another Leech Seed and fires it. Swinub stops his sniffing to see the seed coming towards him and can't move quick enough to stop it hitting his back and wrapping around his body beginning to zap his health. He grimaces in pain but shakes it off, this was no time wallow in pain, he had to attack!

He shuffles forwards whilst breathing in feeling the cold air form before his nose and with a huff he sends a sparkling wave of Powder Snow at Bulbasaur. She shivers against the super effective cold attack but she hadn't suffered any freezing. Closing her eyes against the pain she takes a few deep breaths before concentrating on her next move. She charges right at Swinub, her head lowered, but with her impaired vision she only managed to side-swipe him with her Skull Bash sending him tumbling backwards in the grass.

Health: 94%
Energy: 86%
Status: Leech Seed attached

Health: 85%
Energy: 82%
Status: Acc-

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