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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You turn your attention to the exit. Heading around the statue and approaching the ledge of the well-reservoir, you cradle the blue orb, holding it tightly against your chest to keep it from rolling over your arms and crashing onto the ground. It hurts. The ball is quite heavy and its weight digs into your radii, threatening to bruise them. This won't do. You shift to carrying the ball between your two hands. Nuh uh. You try holding it like the statue, with both hands underneath. At least this doesn't hurt and you don't feel like the ball's going to roll off ... but this is taxing what little stamina your arms have left. And as you shift the ball around like this, you reach the well-reservoir. The exit has opened up behind some of the original waterfalls; its doors now send the water down into the reservoir below by way of four smaller showery streams. You place a leg up on the ledge and ready your body to swing forward and up onto the lip of the well-reservoir. But you can tell that this probably isn't going to work. Not with the ball like this, anyway. Torchic and Bagon both look at you from behind, eyeing the showers above and the heavy ball in their trainer's hands.

What do you do?

OoC: The issue of the ball's weight needs to be addressed before you can exit the chamber. You can try to exit carrying it out by hand if you like. If so, reply to the above "what do you do?" and try to exit. If not, I'll go ahead and write the reply I have for you assuming Alice decides to try to place the ball down and use a PokéBall on it. Please ignore the following text if you do attempt to exit the chamber right now.

Meetan (con't): You kneel down to the ground and gently place the ball on the stone floor. You steady it with your hand to try and keep it from rolling away, but Torchic sees this and rushes over to help. "I can't carry this the whole way, but chances are I'm going to need it for something later. If I leave it, fate'll definitely bite me in the ass," you think aloud. As the little bird pushes against the ball with his head, keeping it from rolling away, you continue to think. There's your bag, you consider, but you decide that that is a last resort. You're worried the ball will weigh you down and hurt you as you run throughout the labyrinth. There's also the problem of space: if you do decide to place the blue orb in your backpack, you'll probably have to take everything else out first. But you think it would probably fit if you tried so you tuck this idea away for now while you consider your other options. That's when your next idea hits you. "I've seen people catch items by accident and stuff," you say, reaching for an empty PokéBall, "so maybe this'll work...?"

You aim your PokéBall at the blue orb, hoping to see the telltale arc of red energy issue forth from the ball's center and towards the glass ball at your feet. Nothing. You try throwing the ball at the orb. Torchic hops out of the way as the PokéBall *TINK!*s off of the cerulean surface and falls to the ground. No luck. You may have seen PokéBalls take up material objects before, but whatever this orb is, it doesn't seem to want to go inside.

What now?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
x1 blue orb

OoC: I tried looking up examples of PokéBalls being used to take in physical matter but the closest I could find from the anime was the time Ash "caught" a rice ball. Checking the episode, I can confirm that it does transform into red energy before it enters the PokéBall, so it's not like I originally suspected (that the rice ball may have simply been small enough to physically be stuck inside without having been energized the way captured Pokemon are), but I couldn't find any examples besides this. While you're probably right that PokéBalls can be used to hold various sorts of physical items (especially if we go by the games), let's apply two observations which might satisfy you as to why this clever strategy failed. First, we know that in the anime the heroes carry around many of their physical items (rods, changes of clothes, food) in their backpacks and not inside of PokéBalls which are in turn in their backpacks. We can surmise that if energized matter weighs less than materialized matter, and if PokéBalls could be used to energize any matter, then travelers would carry everything around with them inside of PokéBalls stored inside of their backpacks. Second, the rules for the FFA Zone forbid you from capturing anything. While I would personally be okay with letting you capture things in here for strictly in-zone use only (no shops, no other zones), I'm pretty sure the mods aren't. Therefore, any puzzle you may need to solve will not require you to capture any of the Pokémon you find in here. (That doesn't mean that you can't or shouldn't attempt to interact with the Pokémon in the labyrinth. Depending on the circumstances, they may befriend you and assist you in some manner. Interacting with Pokémon in the labyrinth may even be part of how you have to overcome various obstacles. So don't mistake "no capture" for "no fraternization"!) Let's just pretend that your attempt to energize the orb failed IRL because of this anti-capture rule and in-universe because the orb is magical and resists energization by PokéBalls, okay? But it was clever![/color]
((I already knew of the 'no capture' rule and certainly wouldn't make the assumption not to interact with them. I was also pretty sure the Poke Ball thing would fail, but ofc my character has no idea and I thought it might be worth a shot. xP -felt like being a clever clogs lol-))

"Well, fml." Alice summarised very shortly, picking up the Poke Ball to pocket it again. Torchic still lingered close, and she sighed to him. This wasn't going very well. She didn't have time to unpack and repack her bag, at least not now. "I'll just... Have to try and carry it for a while. Maybe there'll be something that can help sort this later, or a puzzle to leave it in." The trainer finished hopefully, reaching down to pick the orb, before going to leave the chamber through to the path beyond the new opening.

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