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Presenting biggggg5's not so giant squad

Pasbl stats:
20 wins 2 by dq
37 losses 1 by dq
2 draws
45 KOs
198 TP
C+ ref
5 SP

Mysteria: Level 3 Female Sableye
Mysteria is a real witch. That isn't necessarily a bad thing though as she is Mawill's girlfriend and he likes her. It makes her much more powerful and awesome. Her spells are mostly residual, they just enhanced her claw skills and sharpness. We met her at my old grade school where she was practicing her claws on the trees. Mawill fell in love immediately and made me catch her. They became good friends and eventually started going out.
Hidden power: poison
Special Training: Witch Nails (UNKNOWN)
Mysteria gains the moves X-scissor, night slash, slash, metal claw, and psycho cut. She loses punishment, foul play, zen headbutt, sucker punch, body slam, double edge, seismic toss, and attract.

Pearl level 3 female rhyhorn
We met Pearl in the sinnoh underground. I noticed her because at the tip of her horn was a ball similar to a spoink's pearl thus explaining her name. She doesnt know where she got it but she thinks she was born with it. The orb seems to have energy inside it that she can use for various purposes, mostly in defense.
Hidden power: grass
Special Technique: Pearly White
Pearl can use safeguard, light screen, and reflect. However all attacks needing her horn are weakened by half and she can't use horn drill or swords dance at all.

Hotstuff: Level 4 (Uplevel) Male Charizard *Alternate Color: Blue*
The Chosen One sounds really cliche doesn't it? Too bad. That is what he is. Once every 735 years a blue Charmander hatches from an egg in the center of Stark Mountain. It is raised by Heatran till maturity and then dumped on spear pillar by Latios. It then waits for a suitable trainer to join. I was that trainer, apperently. He is cocky and vain and thinks he is better than everyone else.
Hidden power: water
Token: Chardardite X
Special Training: Hotter Than You (Fire)
All of Hotstuff's fire moves have a +10% chance to burn which stacks with any existing burn chances. All his fire moves now cost x1.5 energy.

Geddy: Level 3 Male Eelecktrik
I was at my first concert which was for my favorite band Rush. the projection screens were all garbled up. they took out a mike and asked if there were any pokemon trainers in the audience. i was the only one there young enough to be one. There was an eelektrick chewing on the lines. i battled and caught it and named it after the lead singer Geddy Lee. While i was battling him he used a strange move i could not identify. I decided to name it after a lyric from one of Rush's songs.
Special Attack: Thunderheads are Rumbling (Electric)
Hidden power: rock
Geddy releases a small black cloud which floats up into the sky and waits there. a few turns later a lighning bolt strikes the opponent pokemon. It is basically an electric type future sight doing the same damage and using the same energy except not psychic energy. This move can be used twice a match

Sonic: Level 3 Male Sandslash
Sonic is the fastest being on the planet. He makes Rapidashs and Arcanines look like Slugmas. His back is blue. He is best friends with Tails the two tailed fox and Knuckles the echidna and likes chili dogs. He has been on many adventures. One of my favorites is when he saved the Arabian Nights.
Hidden power: fire
Special Training: Super Sonic Speed (Normal)
Sonic can use quick attack and extreme speed but cant use bide, focus punch, detect, protect, curse, rest or counter as they would require being still too long.

Goku: Level 3 Male Mankey
Goku was raised as a fighter since he was a baby.He has mastered ki in the form of flight and ki blasts. He has saved the world several times and is the strongest warrior in the universe. His best friend is Krillan and his biggest rival is Vegeta.
Hidden power: steel
Special Training: Kamehameha! (Fighting)
Goku can use aura sphere.

Rachel: Level 3 Female Teddiursa
Rachel loves to fight. She likes Tobias and is somehow Jake's cousin. She always rushes into fights and as a result will sometimes get more injured than the others. She also loves shopping and is almost impossible to get dirty. She is often annoyed by Marco.
Hidden power: Psychic
Special Training: "Let's do it" (UNKNOWN)
Through sheer determination Rachel will keep fighting one turn after she would normally faint due to damage(similar to tyrouge) . she no longer has access to the moves: fake tears, captivate, covet, defense curl or endure as she sees these as wimpy moves.

Snowball: Level 3 Female Dratini
Snowball lived at the bottom of the ocean in a weird place that there was snow on the ocean floor. She studied it and learned how to reproduce it. In doing so she became as white as snow.
Hidden power: poison
Special Attack: Snowball Flurry (Ice)
Snowball can use an ice type swift shaped like snowballs instead of stars but cant use regular swift.

Captain Jack Spearow: Level 3 Male Skarmory
Jack Spearow was the best pirate in all the Caribbean. He has fought cursed pirates, regular pirates, the British navy, Davey Jones, his fish crew, and came back from the dead. He is an alcoholic, a superb swordsman, and has a knack for crazy unorthodox plans such as knocking over light houses and using cannon pulleys.
Hidden power: ground
Special Training: "Why is the rum always gone?" (Normal)
Jack can use teeter dance but loses double team.

Mawill: Level 4 (Uplevel) Male Munchlax
Mawill is the pokemon reincarnation of me. He likes video games and greek mythology. He also loves to read. He is pretty smart but not very athletic. He always tries his hardest when he battles though.
Hidden power: flying
Special Attack: Greek Expert (UNKNOWN)
Mawill uses an alternate typed tri attack based on the three major gods, Hades, Poseidon, and Zeus it does light ground damage, light electric damage and light water damage. it uses good energy all together and mild of each type. Usable three times a match.

HK-47: level 3 Genderless Metang
Hidden power: ghost

Batman: Level 3 Male Golbat
Hidden Power: ground

Neil: Level 3 Male Galvantula
Hidden power: rock

Vegeta: Level 3 Male Quilladin
Hidden power: Fighting

Elsa: Level 3 Female Marill
Hidden Power: ground

Aftran: Level 3 Female Sliggoo
Hidden Power: Steel

Kelvera: Level 3 Female Eevee
Hidden Power: Rock

Gabriel: Level 3 Male Piloswine
Hidden power: Grass

Kurama: Level 3 Male Braxian
Hidden power: Fairy

Navi: Level 3 Female Clefairy
Hidden Power: Flying

Zaprong: Level 3 Male Electabuzz
Hidden power: Grass
PASBL stats
FB stats
Wild Future Stuff

Interested in the PASBL (Pokemon Anime Style Battle League)? Read our Getting Started thread! Got a question? Go to our Q/A thread.

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