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Re: *Grabs his heart shaped arrows*

Originally Posted by Arnold
Arnpid is here to save the Dayyyyyy *Adjusts nappy and Wings*

Thats right boys and Girls, Arnpid the wonderous winged, love angel..thingy person, is here in the Land of Fizzy Bubbles, fireing my Arrows of Love at unsuspecting people and Pokemon, well not at them both becasue that would be disturbing and Wrong, but yo get the jist of what i'm saying right? GOOD, now sit down and listen to the words of looovvve

*Grabs Microphone* in the Air
Everywhere, I look around in the AIR, every Sight and every souuunnnddd

Now, I hope you all understand, because they'll be a pop quiz at the end of this, but first, lets get down to business, shall we?

I know what your here for and I've got what you want, so I shall present to you this, yummy box of Fizzy chocolates
Now what do they do i hear you ask? Well if you feed them to one of your Pokemon they'll learn this wonderful new move:

Chocolate Bomb (Normal)
Producing a Chocoalte heart in front of them, the user procedes to throw the Heart at their opponent which on contact explodes donig Damage equal to Egg Bomb, when the heart shatters 3-5 little pieces of chocolate appear and can be eaten by anyone including the opponent, when eaten the chocolate heals a small amount of HP equal to what a Sitrus Berry would heal.
Contest Type:Cute
Contest Effect:If Last to appeal uses a Cute Move, this move gives them + 2 appeal points and you +3 Appeal Points (+ regular appeal points)
Appeal Points: <3 <3
Jam Points: -

Now isn't that grand? Now, pop quiz, what is the square root of LOOOVVVVVEEE?! *Flutters away*
Originally Posted by enchantress
On this special day of love, here are some lovey dovey gifts for you.

x1 Valentine Candy - Gives two levels to a Pokémon with full Beauty Points from the Salon, but one level to any other Pokémon (full BP's must be linked to when using this candy).
x1 Valentine Ball - This special Pokéball can only be used to hold a Pokémon who has a lifelong mate.

And a choice between either the Red or Pink Valentines coins case, each containing 1,000 coins.
Originally Posted by Wayne
Hope you have a great day and here are some gifts from me to you and your pogeys:
A Love Berry that increases your pokemons level by 2 and a lovely Heart Scale.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
Originally Posted by Loki
Make love! Not War! What better way then with this- TM Captivate. Your opponent's Pokémon will be so awestruck, they'll lose their focus, lowering their special attack!

If that doesn't work... Just... beat'em up. And with this Super Pass, it'll be a lot easier to get strong enough to do just that!
x1 box of Fizzy Chocolate which teaches one Pokémon the move Chocolate Bomb
x1 Valentine Candy
x1 Valentine Ball
x1 Red Valentine's Coin Case
x1 Love Berry
x1 Heart Scale
x1 TM Captivate
x1 Super Pass
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