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The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You look desperately around the room, hopeful for clues on how to proceed, when suddenly you notice something strange. There are stone channels in the ground all around the statue. Some of these channels, the ones along the perimeter, are filled with water pouring forth from the small waterfalls all around you. But others of them, like the four linear channels which seem to lead from the circle towards the statue, are dried up. You wonder ...

"I'm sorry, Bagon, but I need you again," you say as you take the dragon Pokémon's PokeBall and summon him before you. The little guy is still exhausted: it's been a little less than an hour since you just had him issue not one, not two, but three Hydro Pumps, and the poor thing is doubled over, hands on knees, panting heavily. "We don't have much time," you tell him. "Please use your Hydro Pump to fill these up with water. If nothing happens ... then fire at that blue thing, like at the door." Still panting, Bagon cocks his head up towards you as if to say "Are you kidding me!?" and then returns his gaze to the floor, breathingly sharply. You knew it was probably too much to ask of the little dragon Pokemon but what else can you do? You feel as though you've tried everything else. And now that you've noticed the absence of water from these four linear channels leading towards the statue, you feel certain that you're on the right track.

Bagon opens his mouth wide, makes to issue forth his fourth Hydro Pump of the day, ... and nothing comes out. The little guy is tuckered and it'll be a while before he can issue another powerful Water-based attack like this. Had he been a Water-type, maybe; and surely he could carry on for his trainer if it was something within his grasp; but the dragon is still young and inexperienced, and four Hydro Pumps in one hour is simply too much for most Pokémon to handle, let alone a tiny Bagon. He looks up at you as if to say, "I tried," before falling down onto his butt, his hands pressing down on the ground at his sides, keeping him from falling down. You were afraid this would be the outcome, and it was. What now?

While this is happening, Torchic hops into one of the dried-up channels and starts pecking at something.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment

OoC: Strictly speaking, you needed to examine the ground first. I provided the picture to help clue you in to this without making it so obvious (by detailing it in text form) that it would be patronizing or take the fun of exploration away from you, but textually your character had yet to even examine the channels on the ground until just now. That's great that you had her examine them (and it's what I wanted you to have her do), but you really shouldn't declare that they're dried-up channels (which they were, thankfully ^^; ) until I've said so. What if they hadn't been? What if in my crappy paint drawing those had been artistic patterns in the floor? Or steel beams inlaid in stone waiting to be electrified? We'd be butting heads again over what is and isn't present in your environment. I was hoping/expecting you to simply ask to examine the ground this time and then next time you'd try to interact with it once I'd explained to you what you were looking at. That you went ahead and tried something immediately on it I don't mind this time since you were right anyway, but keep this in mind going forward. Anyway, all's well that ends well. Though that poor Bagon ... ^^; (I should note, you're free to summon him again, so don't take how I've updated you here wrongly and think "Okay he's telling me to never ever summon Bagon again" ... but I think he needs at least some rest or rejuvenation one way or another. And I wouldn't expect any more Hydro Pumps out of him without something like a day's rest or some other means for restoring energy.)

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