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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You are amazed by the beauty of this room. Placing Torchic down on the ground, you walk over to the well running along the perimeter of the room, careful not to trip over the channels of water inlaid in the ground, and use it to refresh yourself, cleaning off the sweat and grime from your face and hands. Once you feel a little restored, only then do you turn your attention back to the statue at the center of the room. You wonder if it might be another puzzle. And if so, you wonder which of your Pokemon is best suited for the job? "Maybe we need Bagon again," you muse, "Or Swinub? Water feels too obvious. Maybe ice is the way to go. But then again ... I know I can't really overthink something as serious as this, but really!" You're fairly confident the room contains some sort of puzzle to be solved, some sort of secret to be uncovered, but you've no idea what it could be and are too tired for more guessing games.

That's when the idea strikes you: maybe you could just take the blue orb? But no, you say, that can't be right. The last time you did something like that, you flushed four Finneons down the toilet and then had to pseudo-rockclimb a distance totalling 120-odd feet. What will happen if you just take the blue orb from out between the angel's hands? You don't know but just thinking of the possible punishments which might await you gives you pause.

"The water's got to be going somewhere," you reason. "Hey, Torchic! If you can get near it without getting too wet, how about using Strength on it?" Torchic cocks his head. Use Strength? On what exactly? The statue? Figuring that must be what you mean, the little chick puffs up his chest, juts out his tiny wings like he's preparing to take flight, and charges towards the statue. With a great showing of physical strength, Torchic pushes on the statue. "CHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICK!" he grunts as he pushes with all his might. Not an inch. The statue has not budged one inch. You look around to see if that did anything. There are no evident changes to anything in the room.

"I don't see any exits," you mumble to yourself. "Not obvious ones, anyway ..."

That's when it hits you: perhaps there is a hidden door behind the cascading walls of water. You hop up onto the outer rim of the well and walk along it, trying not to fall in while at the same time trying to trace your hand along the walls, feeling for cracks or openings, any signs at all of a secret passage. The touch of the stone is cool, smooth, and wet. As you gently rub your hand along the walls, feeling for any signs of a trap door or secret passageway, all you can really feel are the deep grooves which separate one block of stones from another. It's hard to say with any degree of certainty whether you're feeling the edge of a sealed door or just another groove in the stones. You can't really see past the cascades of water either. As you reach the end of the line, you hop off of the well's lip and onto the ground.

There has to be something you've overlooked, you figure. "But where," you ask yourself, "where should I look?"

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
"But where... Where should I look?"

Alice was smart, yes, but she hated puzzles. She had never partaken in the puzzle league, avoided strategy arcade games - for the most part - like the plague and was a sore, easily frustrated loser. Such emotions trebled under life threatening conditions. The girl huffed, running her hands through her hair, taking a deep breath. Torchic glanced back. "Thank you for trying, Torchic. We needed to check that." She said, letting her arms flop by her side as she carefully, and slowly, wandered the room. There had to be something. Anything.

"I'm going to die. We're going to die. That's it. We are screwed." She concluded, groaning and whining like a spoiled child, "I don't know, Torchic!"
"Tor tor, torchic." The bird replied, flapping his wings encouragingly, as if resuming his little cheerleading fiasco from not too long ago. His trainer laughed, and he chirped happily. That was something.

"Where do I look...?" Alice repeated. Looking up, she still couldn't view the sun. Back at the statue again, she rested her hands on the statue's broad wings. Perhaps they could be pushed down, like a lever? And her eyes shifted to the archway, too, incase she had missed a clue or inscription of some kind.

"This can't be a dead end. Can it? Unless I'm supposed to climb up onto the top or something...? That water can't be flowing from nowhere..."

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