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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: Gathering Torchic, you scramble off the cool, white stone bricks and made for the exit. You are physically exhausted but you know you can't linger: the roaring of some terrible, unseen force draws ever closer. You can't allow whatever it is to catch up with you and so you have no choice: not just for your sake but for the sake of all of your Pokémon, you have to press on. Your thighs burn in protest but you soon put them out of your mind as you and the little bundle of fire and feathers cradled in your arms make your way out of the aquachamber.

You walk down a long, winding stone passageway. There were never any breaks in the wall -- for all its twists and turns, you ever only have two options: turn back or press forward. And so after a few minutes of pressing forward like this, you upon an archway. Passing under the arch, you enter a round chamber.

Cascades of water roll off the top of the walls of the chamber and down the sides, creating a misty spray as they collide with the circular well which runs along the entire wall of the chamber, broken only by the path beneath the archway. From this well come four small channels through which water steadily flows into a circular channel in the floor. At the center of this circle is a great a stone statue, quite similar to the ones you saw before in the clearing with the great stone slab. This statue is of a woman, beautiful and strong, with long flowing stone hair and two great angelic wings. The statue is the very first thing to catch anyone's eye upon entering this room, and what the statue holds in its hands is what your gaze now falls upon: a large, blue orb. It looks like a glass marble made from the ocean itself, its deep water blues so delicious as to make one want to drink them and yet so glassine that one knew it surely was made of crystal and not of liquid. This orb the angel holds between her two hands, cupped, her right supporting its weight from underneath, her left keeping it securely in place.

What do you think? And what do you do?

Pokémon in the area:

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
Alice continued going, her pace falling between a light jog and severe powerwalk. She couldn't fully run at any state of stamina, but like this was utterly impossible. The girl tripped occasionally, failing to even go in a straight line, and Torchic appeared concerned at how weary his trainer was becoming.

"Torc, chic chic." It chirped with concern, and the girl smiled through her panting, hugging him a little closer in comfort.
"It's alright, we're almost somewhere. I hear water. Again." The trainer added with a hint of wry misery, and her 'little man' chirped again. Sure enough, the duo had come upon a new chamber, favouring the same element as the last.

"This place is gorgeous..." The girl whispered, popping Torchic down for a moment to catch some of the running water in her hands, using it to clean off the sweat and refresh herself. Alice turned again, walking towards the magnificent statue, her companion hopping curiously after her, cocking his head in similar intrigue.

"This labyrinth doesn't really like you, does it, buddy? Fire's not going to help us here." She assumed, and the bird responded almost solemnly, watching as his trainer examined the statue close up, and with an air of respect. "Maybe we need Bagon again... Or Swinub? Water feels too obvious. Maybe ice is the way to go. But then again... I know I can't really overthink something as serious as this, but really!"

Alice huffed. Another thought was to take it out, but the last time she had removed something - fire from a pillar - a bunch of Finneon had gone crying to what seemed like their doom. It looked an impossible task, anyway, but she was more cautious now. "The water's got to be going somewhere, too... Hey, Torchic, if you can get near it without getting too wet, how about using Strength on it? Maybe we have to go down - I can't see any exits! Not obvious ones, anyway..."

That was a thought: cover all bases. "I'll be close." The trainer added, moving off to the outer circle, beginning to trace her hand along the walls that the water crashed down. It was nice and cool, but maybe there were hidden exits to be found. Although, she was just as aware that she was pulling hopelessly at strings by this point.

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