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OoC - Thanks for taking me, Talon!

Dust flew into her face, eclipsing. She swallowed sand and fear, and kept running. Behind, the angry shouts of soldiers gave chase.

A bark by her side. Jessica twisted to see Kief targeting his snout towards a tiny alleyway. She ducked and diverted, sliding safe into home. Kief oversaw his trainer’s departure before darting after her, the tan tip of his tail flicking just out of view as their pursuers rounded the corner and passed by without threat.

Jessica released her breath, as well as her terrified clutch on Kief. The little Zigzagoon slid thankfully out of her arms onto the cool earth, sheltered by the shade of contiguous buildings and an overhead canopy. As her adrenaline altitude declined, the girl found time to reflect on exactly how she ended up in this situation. Scrunching her brow, hazy memories began to resurface, condensing to clarity.

…One minute, she had been staggering back from a crazy night of karaoke at the Bar when she was accosted by a small, strange, foreign-sounding trader on the side of the road (who she could have sworn had been singing a song about cutting off people’s ears before switching to something about desert heat upon her approach). He had impressed upon her some kind of weird lamp, promising magical wonders would happen if she rubbed the side. Her (lactose-induced) inebriation pushed aside her skepticism at the time and she followed the instruction without any foreboding.

…The next moment, she found herself in the middle of a busy marketplace – and then fleeing for her life through the dirt streets of some exotic (yet clearly impoverished) quarter of a city from a group of guards who accused her of stealing. Kief, who had been supporting walking his trainer home at the time and watched her strike such a shady deal with great worry, was also whisked to the same place without warning. Jessica managed a relieved smile and patted her pal between the ears, glad to at least have a friend with her in this bizarre land. It was only thanks to his quick thinking that the two had barely escaped with their lives. Else they would have both become shish-kabob by the blade of a burly man’s sword. Jessica shuddered, having but a moment ago felt its curve bypass the base of her neck.

She shook her head and tried to focus on the more important task, struggling to conjure more clues are to her whereabouts or how she got here. But beyond vague impressions she had no idea. Although, she had the odd feeling she’d witnessed such a scene before, perhaps on a screen…

Before she could grasp the fleeting image though, her thoughts were interrupted by a bellow from down the other end of the alley. “There’s the thieving rat!” Jessica jumped to her feet as the police came charging down the passage, albeit delayed slightly by the narrow congestion. She glanced at Kief to urge he get a move on, and to her surprise she saw him swiftly swallow the remains of a piece of bread. She groaned.

“Kief, you DIDN’T. No wonder these guys are after us!”

The klepto Kief grinned sheepishly, and upon his trainer’s stern look, humbly offered his services to help subvert the law. She sighed.

“Guess we’ve got no choice. Doesn’t look like we can talk our way out of this one. You got us into this mess, now hurry and get us out of it!”

Kief nodded and leapt nimbly to his feet, crumbs still clinging to his fur. He confronted the parade of patrolmen, who had paused procession briefly, deciding it more efficient to send out their Pokémon first. A pair of crimson-colored, circular creatures started stomping down the path on clumsy chicken feet. Jessica had never seen a Darumaka before, so their funny shape and googly eyes, in addition to golden chest markings and bushy eyebrows, made her raise one of her own. Gauging the distance, she afforded a second to consult her Pokédex, only to find to her dismay that it and her entire bag were gone. She cursed, momentarily concerned that she had left all her items behind at the Bar. At worst, she bartered them away for the lamp or even lost them in a bet. But no, she distinctly recalled repossessing her bag when the trader left, since she set it down afterward to spend a few good minutes looking for lamp polish. …Heaven knows in such a smashed state she thought she had some on her person.

Jessica grimaced as another thought then occurred to her. So either that trader had contrived to put some gas in the lamp to knock her out, steal all her stuff, and dump her in this arid land… Or her bag was still on the side of the road and either magic or delirium had transported her here without it. Joy.

While she relaxed slightly at the prospect of possibly reclaiming her inventory once this nightmare was over with, panic inflated again as she double-checked the Pokéballs surrounding her waist, easing once more to sense six metal spheres against her skin. At least her team still seemed to be with her, which was the greatest relief. While objects – including Pokéballs – could always be replaced, their contents – her closest companions – could not.

Meanwhile, the red bowling bowls were barreling down the lane like nobody’s business, so unfortunately she didn’t have time to personally count each of her Pokémon present. She would have to call them out later to confirm. Kief barked as both a wake-up warning to his trainer and to keep the adversaries at bay, priming himself for commands. Jessica shrugged, frustrated at not having a specific strategy to deal with these opponents but realizing she had no option other than to give it her best shot.

“All right, Kief, try blinding them with SAND-ATTACK. Then ICY WIND to slow them down. Finally, try forming a SUBSTITUTE to confuse them while we make our getaway.”
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