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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: You order Bagon to fire off another Hydro Pump, this time directing his attention towards his targets: the two burning flames which crest each of the two marble columns in the center of the room. Having him use Hydro Pump is overkill for such a task, you realize, but it can't be helped: Bagon's your only Pokémon who knows any water moves, let alone long-range water attacks, and you suspect that those flames atop the central columns might have something to do with how to get across from Shore A to Shore B.

As Bagon lets loose his first volley of turbulent water, a Spinarak who had been crossing from your side of the shore towards the column on the left hurriedly navigates the silky path in order to make it safely to the left wall of the chamber instead of his original destination. Perhaps he doesn't want to risk getting knocked off by an unwieldy blast of water from your little powerful dragon. Or perhaps his instincts tell him of something of which you are not yet aware. Bagon aims purposefully for the flame atop the left column and it is soon put out. You hear a loud *click* from somewhere deep beneath the pool.

Bagon tries to turn his body from one flame, now extinguished, towards the other, all while firing the same torrent of water. However, this proves to be too much for the little inexperienced dragon and he loses his balance as a result, falling backwards, the last of his Hydro Pump firing at an angle upward into the sky. You encourage him not to let it get him down and to fire off another Hydro Pump at the remaining flame. He quickly rights himself up, gives you a look that seems to say "Yeah, let's do this!", and takes aim at the second flame. And firing his third Hydro Pump in less than five minutes, the second flame too is soon extinguished.

As Bagon falls to his knees, panting from exhaustion, you hear a second loud *click* from beneath the pool.

You hear the bubbles before you see them. But your gaze is drawn to the center of the pool upon hearing the telltale sound of an enormous air bubble breaking the surface of the water. A few smaller bubbles seem to follow but then nothing more. Although ...

"Hey ... is the water ... moving?"

It is indeed. You can detect the faintest swirling of water not too far from where the bubble burst forth. And as you move your gaze closer towards your feet, you notice the water spinning ever so slightly faster and faster. This can't be good.

"Finneon! =(" You hear a cry. You see one of the Finneon. He has broken the surface of the water and is crying out in fear and alarm. He swims against the gradually increasing tug of the water and so far seems to be doing an effortless job. But you notice the water level seems to be receding and this is when it hits you: you've activated a drainage system for the pool of water in this tank. As the water continues to drain out of the ancient tank, it spins faster and faster, creating a vortex at the center of the room. The Spinarak are all terrified and are huddled together in clumps either atop the columns or else along the walls. None wants to risk a fall into this raging whirlpool. And as for the fish, the Finneon who surfaced is now swimming with all his might to avoid being swept away. But when he collides with one of his friends who is desperately trying to fight the current from below yet is being spun around, it's game over; and before long, you see all four Finneon spinning 'round and around. "Finneon! Finneon! =(" they cry out, but their pleas fall on helpless ears: you, the perpetrator of this act, are powerless to do anything to save them. And you watch as they spin towards the center of the funnel and, with a mighty finality, the last of the water is sucked out of the chamber, taking the four Finneon and any of the other Pokémon that may have also been down there along with them through an ancient pipe. "FIIIIINEOoooooooooooon!" they cry, fading into the deep belly of this terrible maze.

You've been peering over the ledge -- it can rightly be called such a thing now -- for all this time; but only after the shock of what you've just witnessed fades away do you really take in what you're now looking at. This was a great water tank, approximately 30 meters by 30 meters in cross-sectional area and a good 20 meters deep. The walls beneath the former water line are peppered with algae. On the floor of the chamber can be seen other signs of aquatic life here: coral beds and crumbled stone formations which must have served as the homes for many of the water Pokémon here, toppled-over sea grass now limp without the support of the water to buoy it up, and a thick layer of organic sediment. At the center of the floor is a gaping hole -- the pipe which up until now must have been closed and through which all the water and Pokémon were just drained. And on the opposite wall ...

... you spy large, deep etchings in the wall face which from here give it the semblance of a ladder. Wait, maybe not the semblance ...!? You run over to the matching location on your side of the great divide, fall to your hands and knees, and gripping tightly onto the ledge peer over it, hoping to find a matching set of engravings on your own wall. You do find them: they start roughly one foot down and are spaced roughly one foot apart. You stick your hand inside one of them. They're a little worn from thousands of years of being submerged beneath the waters but you guess the water here has been pretty still and none too acidic because for the most part they look like they're in pretty serviceable condition. They're not terribly deep but you think they're more than adequate for you to stick the front of your shoe inside of and to get a good grip.

Bagon is still panting where you left him. Torchic has been watching the entire scene unfold just as you have and is now by your side, looking down at the chamber floor, then back to you, then back to the floor, then back to you.

What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:
none (the Spinarak have disappeared)

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment

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Alice bit her lip, watching guiltily as the Finneon were swept into the vortex. If she had a flying type, they could have at least preserved the fish onto land for a short time, if not flown over the water themselves. As it was, the temptation to jump in was foolish and had to be ignored: after all, she would have only fallen in as well. The result seemed to be worse than before. Now there wasn't even water to assist them in crossing, until she spotted the ladders.

"Oh, there is something! Thank Arceus for that." The girl sighed, putting the queasiness in her stomach aside for now. They had been swept up /with/ the water, so surely, the Finneon would all turn out alright. Glancing to Bagon, he looked terribly exhausted, and she pulled him close into a slightly squishy hug. "Thank you so much, baby. You did amazingly for your first mission. Take a rest, yes?" She smiled, kissing the serious male's nose before recalling him.

"Come on, Torchic. I need you to cheer me on while I fail at rock climbing. Let's do this!" The trainer announced sarcastically, first going down sideways to make sure she had her feet and her hands safely in the right places. Her descent was slow, and the bird fluttered down before her, keeping a watch incase he needed to try and assist her. Eventually, Alice made it down, and the Pokemon cheered his odd human on with vigour, bouncing after her as she ran (a bit like the way a Piplup would - there was a reason she did not do running unless necessary) to the opposite side, ready to climb that, too.

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