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The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: The blue diamond is massive. Inlaid six or seven feet above the ground, it's several feet tall: if you stretch out your arm, you might be able to touch the bottom of the diamond with your fingertips. Mesmerized by its beauty, you do exactly that. The diamond is cool to the touch, slick, solid. You can't help but to wonder as to its market value. You've never seen something quite like this before. But your thoughts of ripping the diamond out of its casing and selling it on the outside are rudely punctured by the reality of your current situation: you're trapped inside of a maze with a man-eating beast. You don't exactly have the means or the time by which to pry the diamond out, much less lug it around with you all over the labyrinth. Sobered by these thoughts, you take a second look at the message engraved at the base of the door.

"To pass through this door, you must shower
the Child of Hygros with gifts most becoming to Him."

"'Shower with gifts,' huh?" you murmur to yourself. "Well ..."

You're not sure if your hunch is right but you decide to test it out anyway. Of the four Pokémon with you right now, there's only one who's cut out for this job: and his name's not Torchic. Summoning Bagon to your side, you tell him "You're the best thing we've got here!" and without explaining the situation to him order him to fire a light Hydro Pump in the general direction of the door. Realizing you're about to get blasted by the recoil of several hundred PSI of water, "light" or not, you throw yourself to the left, hugging the wall of the labyrinth; and Torchic, sensing the very same danger, throws herself to the right. Bagon arches back, his chest puffing up, his cheeks swelling, before letting loose a stream of water. As the water bounces off the bronze doors, it makes the telltale sound of a cascade of water pummeling into a slab of metal. It is the first sound you have heard since entering the maze aside from the sounds of your own footsteps, voice, and Torchic, and it is a welcome sound that punctuates the silence. Bagon aims for the blue diamond in the center of the door, showering it with water. And as the spray from the impact sparkles off of the glittering jewel ...

... an almost-deafening groan shakes the ground as the two huge bronze doors, awoken from their thousand-year slumber, slowly swing open to permit passage into the chamber beyond. It looks like your hunch was right after all: the "child of Hygros" must have been the blue diamond while the "gifts most becoming to Him" must have referred to water.

As the doors slowly creak open, they are by far the most audible thing in your vicinity. However, on the very threshhold of audibility over the almost deafening squeaking and moaning of the heavy bronze, you think you can hear a somewhat similar groaning somewhere far behind you. Like the sound of a great behemoth being woken from a thousand-year slumber of his own ...

Commending Bagon for a job well done, you enter the chamber beyond the doors.

Before you lies a chamber larger than any you have seen thus far. Even more expansive than the great clearing with the stone monument and the four statues, this room is a great square arena flooded with water. You walk to the water's edge, which is none too far from the door, and stand perched atop some milky-white stone bricks. The bricks run all the way to the left and right, terminating at the walls of the labyrinth, but as for forwards, well, they terminate right in front of your very own feet. The only thing between you and the other side of the shore some thirty meters plus away is water. Well, that's not quite true ...

Peering into the water, you make out the faint outlines of several Pokémon. You think you see some Finneon swimming in a small school of three or four together. They're far out of reach, however, and don't seem to notice your presence. Looking above the water, you notice some great marble columns rising up out of the depths and ten feet into the sky. Highways of spidersilk connect the two columns to the walls of the labyrinth and you can see Spinarak crawling along a few of these to cross from one side of the pool to the other without ever touching the water. Finally, you notice that atop each of the two great columns burns a large flame.

A new room, a new obstacle. What do you do?

Pokémon in the area:
Finneon, Spinarak

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
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