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"Hmmm, which way should I go from here...? Gaspard, what do you think?"

Connor had been looking at the map he was holding for a while now. He didn't know where exactly he wanted to go today in this huge city. Plus the fact that he often gets lost due to his poor sense of direction, the photographer was literally going in circles, not aware of the fact that he been walking on the same road for the seventh time in a row now this morning. Gaspard, who was holding on to Connor's shoulder as usual, looked at the map and shrugged at his trainer, "Aipom, aipopom," he simply just said, having no clue as to where to go next either. Connor sighed. "Man, this place is so big... there's also so many things to do here and loads of places to take good photos too... I don't know where to start!" he said to his partner. Connor then folded his map, and tucked it away in his bag, proving it to be useless to him.

"Well, no matter. Let's just look around shall we, Gaspard? It's not like we're in a hurry anyway," he said to his Aipom who nodded and gave him his signature toothy grin, "Ai-ai!" and thus the duo continued on into the big city, hopefully finding something interesting to do.


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