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The Labyrinth of Koros
Meetan: The promise of concealment sounds great to you right about now so you decide to make a break for the west. But just which way is west anyway? You look up at the sky and try to place the sun. But you can't seem to find it: the swimming colors of gold and pink in the sky above flood it so completely that neither sun nor moon can be seen. Wait a minute! You think you just saw the sun peeking out from behind one of the globs of golden vapor ... maybe? Possibly? With nothing more to go off of than your gut, you trace a finger from where you think you just spotted the sun and bring it down to the tops of the walls of the labyrinth. And then identifying which of the four paths is closest to where your finger is pointing ...

"We'll go this way. Come on, my little mister." And so saying, you and Torchic head off towards the exit straight ahead of you.

You walk about 10 meters in before coming to a sudden stop. Torchic comes to a stop too and looks up at you, sad or concerned. You twist your body around and look one last time at the clearing. You're anxious about leaving it out of sight. But you don't have anything you could use to trace your steps. "If only I had a Flying-type Pokemon," you think to yourself, but there's no point in worrying about that now: according to that letter there's some thing called a Krakikron that's trapped in this maze with you ... and if you don't find a way out fast, you're going to wind up being its next meal. And so you twist your body back around, take a deep breath, and plunge further on down the path.

Eventually you come to a wall. The only real way you can go here is to the left and so you do. You walk for a minute or so before you come face to face with another wall, though this time there's a path opening to the right. You move on in this manner for several minutes, sometimes taking a left, other times taking a right, before finally reaching an enormous bronze double-leaf door. It reaches as high as the labyrinth walls themselves, a good 4.5 meters off the ground, and while you can't see how thick it is yet, you have a suspicion that it's preeeetty darn thick. The metal has oxidized with time, turning a dark chalky green color, but in the center of the door is a lustrous blue diamond. As you move closer, you notice that there is some engraving at the base of the door. It reads:

"To pass through this door, you must shower
the Child of Hygros with gifts most becoming to Him."

What do you make of this? What do you plan to do?

Pokémon in the area:
none that you can see or hear

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment
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