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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
So begins your adventure in ...


You pick the parchment up from underneath Torchic's scrawny little legs and read aloud:
In the land of Koros, with sky of gold,
the wind carries whispers of a tale of old.
'Tis the tale of the labyrinth, the lair of the beast,
and the poor helpless souls who wind up as its feast.

Young traveler, welcome to the Labyrinth of Koros. Within these walls sleeps a horrible beast, a giant great and powerful. The blood of the Ancients courses through its terrible veins. It is the one called the Krakikron. You stand no chance against it. And now that you are here, it is only a matter of time before he awakens to your presence and seeks you out. Your only chance for survival is to find a way to escape from this maze. But how? That is the challenge presented before you.

North, the fires of Elshep shall warm you.
South, the flowers of Fanna shall soothe you.
East, the waters of Hygros shall guide you.
West, the sands of Arawen shall conceal you.

There is no time. Godspeed, young traveler. And good luck.
The letter ends.

You can't believe what you've just read. You read the letter again and again just to be sure you're not imagining things, just to be certain there isn't any more to the letter than what is written. "This can't be it," you moan in despair. You still don't understand how you got here in the first place or why. And now according to this letter you're trapped inside some sort of ancient maze ... along with a terrible beast!?

Torchic nuzzles up against your leg, startling you. When you look down to see who the culprit was, you breath an audible sigh of relief. You roll the parchment up and place it in your rucksack.

You walk up the stone steps and are now on top of the pedestal-monument. The great stone slab is now before you and you can clearly see four hollowed-out concavities in its surface:

You don't know what they represent but you're sure they must mean something.

Looking around, you see four exits from the clearing. There is the path you just came from; on the opposite side lies a similar path. To your left and to your right you can also see paths leading away from the clearing. From here, they all look roughly the same. You've no idea which one leads north or which one leads south: you don't have a compass nor can you see any sun in the sky by which to navigate. You'll just have to figure something out.

And speaking of directions, what did the letter mean anyway? The fires of Elshep? The waters of Hygros? These are names you've never heard of. And a "Krakikron"? Just what on earth is a Krakikron supposed to be!? You suddenly realize that you hope you never have to find out.

What will you do? (Suggested possible actions: Exit Ahead, Exit Behind, Exit Left, Exit Right, Examine {the clearing, the statues}, Talk {to yourself, to your Pokemon}, Other)

FFA Inventory:
x1 parchment

For this adventure, I will give you a special inventory we'll call your FFA Inventory. It will hold any and all key items which you may gain during this adventure. Do NOT edit your registration post to contain any of these items! I will keep track of what items you have on you and will repost the inventory list at the bottom of each new update.

Also, from now on, please link to your FB Registration post the same way you ordinarily would for a real zone update. It'll make it easier for me to confirm who all you have and what all they're capable of so that I can make appropriate challenges. Thanks. =)
((Alright, no problem. Thank you. ^^))

Alice read the parchment over and over again, repeatedly and more in depth each time. If she didn't escape this living nightmare, something big and scary and supposedly unbeatable was going to eat her. Her heart raced and stomach sunk as a feeling of defeat washed over her. She was screwed.

Torchic nuzzled her in an attempt at comfort, but the motion only made her yelp initially, and the teenager jammed a pasty hand over glossed lips as the sound echoed. They didn't have much time. Silence and stealth was key.

"Right," The girl said, scaling the monument and taking everything in before packing that lovely letter away. "I don't want to go north or south. I don't need warming up, and I don't need to fucking relax when something is going to devour me. So, east or west. Being guided and concealed sounds cool to me right now." The trainer explained in hope that the bird might be able to advise her somehow. So, let's see..." Shielding her eyes, Alice looked at the positioning of the sun in the sky. "It rises in the east and sets in the west. It's twilight, so..."

Using a hand, she followed the sun to the exit which she hoped corresponded best to it. Even if Alice had a compass, her uselessness with simple tasks (as opposed to complex one - awkwardly) and geography in general would have hindered her anyway. "We'll go this way. Come on, my little mister," Sliding carefully from the monument, the trainer headed from the exit which she thought was west. If it wasn't, hopefully it was east. If not either...

Then damnit.

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