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Originally Posted by Talon87 View Post
Let's give this a go. Hope you enjoy the adventure. ^_^

Your eyes and Torchic's connect for a few seconds before Torchic turns his body around and cocks his head this way and that, taking in his surroundings. You delicately close the distance between yourself and your baby fire bird while taking a second look around for yourself. The stone walls of what appears to be a labyrinth rise up approximately 4.5 meters on either side of you. They appear to be ancient, crumbling or windworn in a few places, but otherwise look remarkably sturdy. There are torchlights along the top of the walls, one every twenty meters or so, but none are lit at present: though the sky is a peculiar pool of gold and pink, you feel that it must be daylight here, wherever "here" is, and that nighttime is still some ways off. The ground beneath your feet varies between hard mud and stone, hardly a favorable surface for high heels. It's a good thing I wore my flats, you think to yourself as you and Torchic continue to press forward. Turning your head backward to look behind you, you see a solid wall approximately 20 meters away. You can't quite tell from this distance but it appears to be a T-junction leading off to the left and to the right of the narrow path you're currently on. Turning your gaze back forward, you see that you have just entered a large, open chamber.

Torchic hurriedly runs towards a monument in the center of the clearing. From here you can tell only that it is a large, smooth, rectangular stone slab about six feet off the ground with a short flight of stairs leading up to it on each of four sides. As Torchic runs up the stairs nearest you, a small gust of wind picks up a piece of parchment that had been placed atop the stone slab. It flutters down to the ground, landing beside Torchic who looks at it inquisitively.

There are large marble statues in each of the four corners of this clearing. They appear somewhat weather-worn but are otherwise well-preserved. Rising as high as the thick stone walls of the labyrinth, they all face towards the center of the clearing where the monument lies.

You look around the clearing to see if there are any Pokémon here with you. For now at least you don't see or hear any: it appears to be just you and Torchic.

What will you do?

Note: Since you've gone ahead and picked dark orange, I don't mind following your lead. But let's try to use Size 1 font to keep things small and Fizzy Bubbles-ey, okay? ^-^ Also, don't worry if you feel like the potential for your reply to this post is kinda small. (If you don't feel that way, okay! o.o ^_^) The real big stuff is coming in the next post, this is just the warm-up. I think you know what to do so let's get started! ;D
((No problem. ^^ Sorry, I must've forgotten to change the font size, so I'll go back and do that. I always fail at editing and have to go back to it. xDD))

"Wait up, Torchic! Don't go and leave me!" Alice cried hopelessly, catching sight of her miniature companion hopping off a distance away. She wasn't the fastest at keeping up. The girl trained hard at the gym, but her little legs and 'penguin run' made her run stupidly, and as it was, she hated muddy places. The girl was hopping about more ridiculously than Torchic trying to keep her shoes clean and her whole self upright, terrified of falling down.

"Wow... This place is rockin', isn't it?" The girl asked, turning round as she walked about the chamber, admiring the statues, monument and the great walls that entrenched them. They were thankfully unchallenged for now, but the sound of fluttering made the eighteen year old jump, and Alice's attention locked onto the parchment that Torchic was reading.

"Oh, good boy!" The trainer smiled, tentatively petting his head before picking it up to read it. Maybe this would provide answers to their mysterious predicament.
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