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Alice Hope was a rookie trainer, she supposed, by timing. The girl was not entirely new to the ways of adventuring, after getting herself lost in Astoria, a haunted theme park with a mechanical Rapidash and taking on the Rainbow Road. However, how the eighteen year old got herself into these situations, she would never know.

The teenager looked out of place in her current environment, wearing a roundneck purple t-shirt dress, the strips across the torso matching the red wine coloured shade of the skirt section. Thankfully, she wore golden flats instead of the heels she favoured, which would likely get stuck in the mud and rubble, or cause her trip on the uneven ground.
Biting her lip, blue eyes looked beyond the rectangular lense rims of her glasses, and to what looked like a never-ending labyrinth. Above, despite it only being the mid afternoon moments ago, the sky shone gold, pink and orange in a permanent state of twilight. Her petite frame was shaking. This was not a dream, but how could one be visiting their Pokemon in the Fizzy Bubbles Daycare one minute, and be in an ancient, ruined maze the next?

“This is insane…” The blonde breathed, fidgeting nervously with her earlobe, pierced ones with a gold and amethyst accessory. She couldn’t cope adventuring alone at the best of times, and a glance to the four spheres on her red shoulder bag decided it. This was not to be conquered alone. Alice feared fire types, but perhaps a bird like Torchic would be of some good use.

“Come and help me, baby.” She cooed timidly, pressing the button on the red and white container. An orange and yellow chick beamed onto the ground a short distance away, beating his little wings. Alice’s shaking might have even increased a little, but they needed to bond. Beyond trips to the Beauty Salon, Pokespa and other such centres, they hadn’t even interacted since his adoption. “I’m completely lost. Please help me figure out what’s going on?”

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