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Porygon-Z Free For All Zone

Welcome to the Fizzy Bubbles Free For All Zone.

This zone is, in short, an adventure zone that anyone can enter who can be updated by any FB member regardless of whether or not that person has ever been an official zone updator. Your updator may have only joined yesterday and be quite inexperienced, they may have been thinking about updating but aren't quite sure if they're ready to commit to it, or they could be a veteran member who has no interest in updating reward zones. Whatever the case you'll be sure to find an adventure here.

No rewards are given in this zone, no Pokémon levels are gained, and wild Pokémon cannot be caught.

Updators and updatees alike can be creative here. You can enter a stereotypical forest/water/volcanic area, an existing area in any active or inactive zone, or you can adventure somewhere quite unique.

So to summarise, the Free For All Zone stipulations are as follows:-

~ Updatees CANNOT capture Pokemon, CANNOT gain levels from battles, and CANNOT be awarded items of any kind.
~ Shop and PC Pokemon CAN be used here as this is not an "official" zone and you are not gaining any rewards from battling or adventuring.
~ We will be keeping a close eye on things, so no riff raff in here or you will be punished.
~ People who are already updating zones CANNOT update here. If you want to update we'd much prefer you update your own people in your own zone.
~ If you find you do like the idea of updating an official zone after testing the waters here, please feel free to apply for one of them.
~ Updators CANNOT gain rewards or points from updates posted here.
~ And finally have fun and go crazy...ok not too crazy, but go crazy =D
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