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Originally Posted by pengyzu View Post
Trading all of the following:
x1 Oran Berry
x1 Enigma Berry
x1 Bluk Berry
x1 Grepa Berry
x1 Figy Berry
x1 Starf Berry
x1 Watmel Berry
x2 Rabuta Berry [1/2][2/2]
x1 Tanga Berry
x1 Passho Berry
x1 Sitrus Berry
x1 Belue Berry
x1 Custap Berry
x1 Durin Berry
x1 Kelpsy Berry
x1 Iapapa Berry

to Meetan for her 4 Rare Candies

Thanks guys, still working on stuff but since you're so kind, a userbar is coming your way too some time xd
Trade confirmed. Trading my four rare candies for Pengyzu's berry stash of glory.
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