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Originally Posted by Itzatrap View Post
Cloud Forest

Thrain: Your pup barks happily at your confidence and praise as the Bellsprout looks at both of you, while a little shaken, it's eyes still show determination to see this fight through. The Bellsprout quickly roots itself on the ground, and takes energy from the ground as it grows a little from the power gain given by its Growth. The pup quickly responds by creating the orbs around his body which release ice energy on impact with Hidden Power (Ice) , which hit the Bellsprout again, lowering its health further. The Bellsprout retaliates by spitting another Bullet Seed attack towards Blaze, hitting him on the face, taking a little health away, jumping away in the middle of the seed barrage to Bite the Bellsprout, who dodges the attack barely. The Bellsprout then starts to glow, trying to recover health once again with Synthesis, trying to convert solar energy into health, just as Blaze sends a Flamethrower attack to Bellsprout, which hits it completely and engulfs it in fire. The flames fade and the Bellsprout looks on, still standing and panting heavely, but then as it tries to move it reaches its limit, falling to the ground KO'ed. Level Up for Growlithe. You decide to throw a Pokéball at the fallen Pokémon, which hits its fainted body, absorbing the Bellsprout into it. It shakes once... twice...and does a sound before finally stopping. Ping! Congratulations, you have caught a male level 6 Bellsprout! The Nuzleaf looks on, with tears on its eyes, as it quickly runs and fades into the trees and forest after seeing its friend be captured...

What will you do now?

Thinking quickly, the Bellsprout extended its roots into the earth to gather nutrients for a Growth as soon as Eric finished speaking; the move increased the plant's attack power slightly. Barking with a confidence and determination Eric had not yet seen, Blaze reared back and let loose a Hidden Power (Ice) soon after, hitting the flower Pokémon head-on. "Yeah, that's the way, Blaze!" Eric shouted as the Bellsprout cried out in pain. There's no way this fight will last much longer. The Pokémon's tenacious, I'll give it that, but it's not a match to a fire type, Eric thought to himself silently. The Bellsprout seemed to realize this, too, as it stood across the clearing panting heavily. It did not give up, however, shooting forth Seed Bullets in Blaze's direction. The attack hit the fiery pup, inflicting a minimal amount of damage. Shrugging off the assault, Blaze leaped forward and tried to Bite the flower, but the Pokémon was quick and managed to evade his maw. The sun streaming through the trees then began to worm and wiggle its way towards the Bellsprout: the Pokémon was absorbing light energy for a Synthesis to heal itself! "No, Blaze. Don't let it complete the Synthesis!"

Blaze barked his understanding and opened his mouth wide, discharging a massive wave of flames for a Flamethrower. The fire circled and snaked its way around the plant's body, burning it in several places. As the smoke cleared, Eric found the Bellsprout still standing, but then it took a few steps and fell heavily to the ground, KO'ed. (Blaze grew from Lv. 7 to Lv. 8.) Eric shouted in excitement, throwing a Poké Ball over towards the fallen Pokémon. The ball hit the Bellsprout on the head, absorbing the Pokémon into its depths. It hit the ground, rolling once... twice... a third time. And then a resounding Ping! rang forth through the clearing, signaling that the flower had finally been caught. "Yes, Blaze! We did it! We caught our first Pokémon!" Eric yelled in excitement. Rushing over, the Growlithe jumped up and down in ecstasy as well. "Well, celebrations aside, Blaze. You deserve a nice rest." Pulling out his Poké Ball, Eric returned him to it.

Turning to look across the clearing, Eric watched the Nuzleaf that had fought previously regain its feet, teary-eyed. The Pokémon then rushed off into the wilderness, crushed out of view by the brush. Feeling a little saddened for the poor Nuzleaf, Eric continued along the path in the general direction the Pokémon ran off, all the while looking for a Pokémon Centre to heal Blaze and his new Bellsprout...
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