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Originally Posted by enchantress View Post
Sky Gate: The entrance to this wonderful world, here you will find your pokemon centre and any other things you may need before setting out on your adventure. There are several paths leading away from the Sky Gate and if you want you can hire a guide to help you with your travels, but they may ask for something in return.…
"Uhhn ..."

Bright light.

"... mmnh ..."

Is that ... sunlight? Is it ... morning?

" ... nnnnngh ..."

Did I ... fall asleep? Where ... where am I?

Cyrus's eyes dart open at this thought. The young man had been lying on the ground, asleep, and now the light of the sun in the sky had pierced through his eyelids and roused him from a deep sleep. Arcing his body like a cat, he stretched every muscle in his back, arms, and legs, rolled over onto the clouds, and pushed himself up.

"....... wait, clouds!?"

Cyrus did a double-take: the "ground" he had been sleeping on so comfortably until moments ago was a bed of clouds. Was he ... was Cyrus in the sky?

"First, I'll get SugarPuff to use Stun Spore on Mankey. That should paralyze him just long enough so that I can return him to his PokéBall. Then I'll order SugarPuff to use a Sleep Powder and Leech Seed combo on Ekans. If it works, it should put the snake to sleep and gently sap his last remaining ounce of energy, knocking him out of commission even after he wakes up. By which time, hopefully, we'll be long gone anyway."

Still half-asleep, Cyrus began to remember what he had been doing when last he was awake. His eyes widened. "SugarPuff! Mankey!" Where were they? Were they here with him? Cyrus spun around this way, then that, surveying the entire area. He didn't see any Pokémon nearby. There was no sign of the Ekans, no sign of his Pokémon. But a quick check of his belt revealed six tiny PokéBalls there. His mouth dry in anticipation, his stomach doing somersaults, Cyrus reached down with his right hand and took the nearest PokéBall. "Celes, go!"

A bright beam of energy shot forth from the center of the PokéBall and soon Celes the Chikorita had materialized on top of the clouds a few feet in front of Cyrus. "Chika Chika!" she beamed up at Cyrus. "Whoa!" he cried as Celes jumped up at his chest and into his arms. The two fell over but the soft clouds gently broke their fall. "Down girl, down!" Cyrus laughed as Chikorita nustled up against his chin, rubbing her head against his affectionately. Cyrus didn't know why but he felt like it had been a long time since he had seen Celes; and judging from her behavior, she seemed to feel exactly the same way.

Cyrus picked Celes up off of his chest and placed her on the cloudy ground to his right. He then rolled himself forward and up into a standing position and put her ball back onto his belt. Next up was PokéBall #2. "SugarPuff, I choose you!" An energy beam shot forth as before, and this time onto the cloudy ground materialized not a Chikorita but a brown beet of a Pokémon with two long green fronds atop its head. It was SugarPuff the Hoppip and, like Celes, she too seemed to be a-okay. "Hoppip Hop!" she smiled as she lightly fluttered in the air above the clouds. Cyrus smiled at her too before putting her PokéBall back on his belt and moving on to the remaining PokéBalls. Mankey, Torchic, Bulbasaur, and Misdreavus: they were all there, safe and sound. Cyrus called them back inside their PokéBalls one by one before stopping at Celes. "Chika ..." she whimpered. The others had been sad to go back into their PokéBalls too but Cyrus couldn't very well leave everybody out: many of them had never even really met one another and Cyrus wasn't sure he could keep them all in order while he needed to find out where he was. Especially Mankey. Cyrus hadn't been able to truly connect with Mankey yet and the Pokémon continued to prove a danger as much to himself as to others. But when it came time to put everyone back into their PokéBalls, Celes alone brought Cyrus to a pause. Still ...

"Look, girl," he sadly smiled, bending down onto his knees to bring himself to her eye level, "normally I'd let you stay out here with me but ... we have no idea where we even are. I don't even know how it's possible but ... well, it looks like we're in the clouds." Perhaps she truly hadn't noticed it until now but Cyrus's words brought Chikorita's gaze to the ground for the first time since she'd been brought out. "Chika!?" she cried out, startled, raising her front leg back up in alarm as she realized she was standing on soft, cushiony cloud. She had been saddened by the prospect of having to go back inside the PokéBall but now sadness had given way to alarm as the startled Grass-type Pokémon alternated from one set of legs to another, as if trying to lighten the load she was putting onto the clouds, afraid she might fall through at any second. "So that's why," Cyrus quietly laughed, "I need you to go back inside your ball for now. Don't worry: we'll see each other again soon." "Chika ..." she replied, sorrowful but understanding. A few seconds later, she was back inside her PokéBall. Cyrus pressed his hands down on his thighs and pushed himself back up into a standing position. "Allllllllllllright then," he said, looking around, "... where are we?"

Not too far from where he stood, Cyrus saw a Pokémon Center. He couldn't believe his eyes -- a Pokémon Center, here, in the clouds!? -- but that's sure what it looked like. "Well, I guess I may as well head over there and see if anyone can tell me where I am." And so saying, Cyrus headed towards the Pokémon Center in the clouds.

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