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Originally Posted by phoopes View Post
When running Eviolite Dusclops, I like to go with 252 HP / 80 Def / 176 SpD with a Calm nature. That gives it 284 HP, 474 Defense, and 561 Special Defense. That's pretty good, IMO, especially when it carries Will-o-Wisp. My only beef with it that makes me prefer Chansey is that Dusclops has to use ResTalk or Pain Split for recovery, while Chansey has the advantage of Softboiled and/or Wish.
I have to agree with this. The only restTalkers I like are the ones who can boost, like Regirock or Spiritomb. Otherwise, you can be left doing next to nothing, and will take continually the same damage when you could be taking less.

But, the sleep mechs now make it much harder for resttalkers.

Fuck these crabs
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